dietThere are a number of recommendations to meet the diets that we propose. Look what they are and how to lose those so detested power rolls without tempted.

  •     First, turn the TV off at the dinner: when we eat without thinking about food, eat more.
  •     Always eat sitting. Although no more than a light snack, avoid eating while walking down the street, or standing, or while doing something else.
  •     Sit comfortably but erect. Do not assume an “attack position” before the meal.
  •     Enjoy every bite, chew our food.
  •     Proportionate least chew solid food ten times. Waiting to swallow a mouthful before serving another.
  •     Supports the cutlery on the table between bites another, to pause, eat more slowly and be aware of what you are eating.
  •     No sources bring to the table, because having food to tempt even the view may not feel hungry.
  •     Eat only your plate. No “chop” the plate of another, or finish what he ate another.
  •     Eat a candy 10-15 minutes before meals. It will help you feel less hungry.
  •     Begin meals with broth, soup or salad. Help achieve satiety.
  •     Drink plenty of fluids: water, soda, diet soda or juice.
  •     Alcohol controls.
  •     When you eat, dedicate only to eat. Avoid doing other activities like watching TV, discussing, reading, answering phones, sorting papers.

 Healthy Cooking Tips

  •      Choose lean meats such as tenderloin, sirloin or peceto
  •     If you cook chicken, skin sac-ale.
  •     As fish is preferable that it be sea and river
  •     Replace vegetable oil spray and cream cheese by
  •     Avoid salt
  •     Use the oven, pan or griddle to prevent sartenear
  •     Take into account that best preserves the vapor vitamins and food properties
  •     Use preferably skim milk
  •     Instead of flour, cornstarch used
  •     Do not put more than one dessert spoon of oil per person

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