Harmful-Ingredients-in-CosmeticsThe makeup and other personal care products may be important and necessary to make your skin look smooth and beautiful. However, you should be aware that ironically, certain ingredients in these products may be harmful to the skin and can cause severe illness due to prolonged use. Below are some of the harmful ingredients that you need to consider the next time you buy cosmetics.

1. Sodium laurel sulfate

It is commonly found in shampoos, this ingredient chemical causes eye problems in young children. It also causes skin damage in case of adults, and can lead to permanent hair loss.

2. Benzoate

It is found in body lotions and perfumes, benzyl benzoate is considered a carcinogen and is suspected to cause birth defects.

3. Methylparaben

It is found in personal care products such as shampoo, shaving gel, moisturizers, self tanning and toothpaste. The methylparaben cause skin rashes and allergic reactions. It is also readily absorbed by the body through the skin.

4. Coal tar

It is found in dandruff shampoos and hair dyes, this chemical ingredient causes skin rashes and hair loss.

5. Triethanolamine (TEA)

This is a common ingredient in nearly all cosmetics as foaming agents, may be absorbed by the body, if used for a long period of time. Their use leads to drying of the skin and interfere with the body’s ability to absorb choline, which is needed for proper development of the brain.

6. Isopropyl alcohol

Is in cosmetics, mouthwash and aftershave lotions and the vast majority of bath products. Isopropyl alcohol causes fluctuations of the pulse, dizziness, headaches and nausea.

7. Methylisothiazolinone

It is found in cosmetics and personal care products, this chemical ingredient causes irritation of the skin, eyes, and neurological damage.

8. Phthalates

It is found in most personal care products, this is a chemical ingredient which may cause damage to the kidneys, lungs and liver.

9. Vinylpyrrolidone and vinyl acetate

It is found in aerosols, adhesives and other hair products, this cosmetic ingredient can damage the lungs of sensitive people when inhaled.

10. Stearalkonium Chloride

It is found in creams and hair conditioners, this ingredient causes allergic skin reactions.

11. Lead acetate

Commonly used in hair dyes and cleaning products, lead acetate causes skin problems and playback.

12. Nonylphenol

Commonly used in cleaning products and cosmetics, studies have shown that frequent use of this chemical ingredient reduces the number of sperm, creating fertility problems.