pregnant-adviceHave you been pregnant? Congratulations, will be a very happy time for you and your partner, and even suffer some discomfort; it will be worth when you get to your future baby in your arms.

Here’s 25 tips to help you make more bearable the period in which your body will undergo significant changes and that your future baby will not have any problems:

  1. Go to the doctor after the first missed and always within the first quarter, as well as newspapers controls the doctor or midwife indicating you go without missing any.
  2. Quit smoking, do not take any alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, avoid the handling of toxic substances, or take medication without consulting your doctor.
  3. Avoid fatigue. Rest and sleep you need.
  4. It is not advisable to travel during the first trimester or during the last 4 weeks. In the car, it is important to put the seat belt over or under the belly. Have breaks every two hours, take a walk and eat a little.
  5. Practice-based sport brisk walking for 20 minutes daily. Recommended sports are swimming and walking.
  6. Rinse with water at moderate temperature not exceeding 37 º or 38 º. Do not use pads, panty liners and tampons to prevent infection right now.
  7. The pH of saliva is altered during pregnancy, so there is more willingness to appearance caries. Brush your teeth gently and frequently and visit the dentist at least in early pregnancy.
  8. Prevents stretch marks by using noninvasive bath gel and applying yourself stretch mark cream, sweet almond oil or olive oil on your abdomen, hips, buttocks and breasts.
  9. Prepare the nipples for breastfeeding up to 6 to 8 weeks before the birth, the nipples and areolas washing drying without rubbing and apply a cream containing vitamin A.
  10. The waxing cold or hot is contraindicated during pregnancy and is harmful in women presenting with varicose veins.
  11. Do not do heavy work or require lifting. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time standing, try to rest often. And if you need to sit many hours, try getting up and walks often. There Act Occupational Health and Safety during pregnancy.
  12. He wears loose clothing, comfortable and attractive; you do not oppress the abdomen. Cotton underwear and try not to wear heels or completely flat. The best thing is wide and low heel.
  13. Watch your diet: it is not eating for two, but eating right and quality. Eat little and often. Drink half liter or two liters to keep you hydrated. Watch your weight. The ideal is to gain between 8 and 10 kg max. It is harmful going over that weight.
  14. If you have nausea and vomiting, make waking reduce solid drink at breakfast. You have small, frequent meals. Avoid fatty foods and replace them with fruits, vegetables and grilled foods.
  15. Avoid constipation by drinking fresh orange juice or Kiwis at breakfast. A daily walk of 20-30 minutes will also help you avoid it.pregnancy-advice
  16. Prevents varicose appearance if you are prone to them, using compression stockings by prescription. Rest with your legs up and walk at a regular pace an hour a day.
  17. You can have sex with your partner during the pregnancy except when I have contraindicated your doctor or midwife. The love and affection of your partner are equally important.
  18. During the early months of pregnancy, it is normal to feel listless, sleepy, sensitive and easily to tears, due to hormonal changes. It is a normal process of adaption, so should your partner know how you feel and that is common in these cases.
  19. From week 19 often begin childbirth preparation classes adjusting your schedule. Will be of much help, so I try to keep all.
  20. Try to ignore people who are not well informed or have had abnormal experiences (neighbors, friends, family). No pregnancy is the same. Always consult your doubts with your midwife or obstetrician.
  21. If you experience any symptoms of alarm as blood loss, excessive weight gain, swelling of legs, face or hands, absent fetal movements, you must go quickly to consultation with the Protocol and the midwife. In case of regular and frequent contractions, comes to motherhood.
  22. Share your pregnancy with your partner. It is very important to maintain good communication between them and know everything you’re feeling to make him also a participant. We help and support you in whatever you need and enjoy the incredible experience so that is pregnancy. If you can live with your partner, talk to someone you trust to support you in it and be heard.
  23. In the second quarter, coinciding with the perception of the movements of your baby begins the moment at which he feels and remembers. Contact speaking and putting it to music. It was found that these children have higher levels of communication and learning ability.
  24. When you start to notice trouble you to assume that the time of delivery approaches restricts food intake and making things light and energy. It is desirable that you shower before going to the hospital, because the shower has a relaxing effect.
  25. If liquid starts flowing uncontrollably vagina are you’ve probably broken the bag, so get ready to leave the hospital. If you bleed an equal or greater amount than the rule, go immediately to the hospital.

And when the time of delivery, relaxed about reaching the hospital. Continue doing relaxation and breathing and not think negatively. Forget the problems and think only of your baby, which you can finally embrace shortly.