perfect-loverWant to become a perfect partner to your partner? You have the feeling of not doing enough under the duvet? How to return the ideal man by taking the reins of your sex?
It is not uncommon with the weight of years to lose sexual desire. And yet, this relationship is communication 50% and 50% of sex.
Here are some tips to regain control

Gender: talk to be a perfect lover
It is to think in intercourse or orgasm. You have a lot to discuss both with your partner to know what it all over, but also with other women in your life to understand how they are able to take maximum pleasure.
Women more you learn, the better your skills will.

Gender: Thinking pleasure your partner …
This is one of the main rules to become a great lover. You must think the pleasure of your partner. The goal is met it comes out so you can do the same. You will take pleasure in congratulating be on your performance so prioritize happiness!
Do not forget as long as it can be fully satisfied only if you feel concerned and involved in the act. Facial expressions do not betray! You can shoot to see how non-verbal communication is important.

Gender: Awaken your libido
For a woman, it is extremely important that she feels desired! You’ll have to wake up your libido and organize a small meeting head to head in an unusual place. If you are afraid, I invite you to simply start the “heat” in a public place where this is prohibited in order to be in a phase of intense complicity in emotions that when you both.

Sex: in a word “Surprise!”
No mystery, be ideal lover through a word “surprise.” The orgasm duplicates when there is uncertainty about the act. It will feel more pressure up including during foreplay (not that sex) plus it will have a strong orgasm.
It is up to you to organize an event conducive to intense surprise.
Good luck!