There are five sections of the first aid kit that I cannot be without. It can be very careful in all directions, but dogs are dogs and find good things to eat, play with them rough enough to cause injury, be plagued by parasites or experience frightening circumstances.

A first aid kit pet should contain everything you need to make your pet comfortable and safe in an emergency. And, there are many opinions about exactly what kit should contain. I believe that every kit should have at least the following elements:

  1. Antibiotic cream
  2. Of hydrogen peroxide
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Wrap elastic
  5.  Aroma / herbal supplement anxiety relief

Cuts and bruises

Animals are curious and fun-loving. Here are some of the qualities we love about them. Unfortunately, this also makes it vulnerable to injury. For example, there are dogs that hunt squirrels and chipmunks, follow through thickets and halfway burrows. The result is not only a dog filthy, but also one of the scratches.

To avoid risk of infection, wounds should be washed with water and hydrogen peroxide and finally coated with an antibiotic cream. Applications must be made with cotton balls clean. This will ensure that your dog will not infected.

If the bleeding wound is, you’ll need to cover by applying pressure. An elastic bandage will offer this protection. It will also prevent your dog from wound licking, and even angry. When I have a dog that needs a bandage elastic bandage, I will first clean the wound as I mentioned above, but place the cotton balls with antibiotic cream on the wound, then wrap the entire area with elastic bandage. (You can use gauze pads as a substitute for cotton balls at this point too, if necessary.)

If the wound is deep, you can ask your vet to check. Deep wounds can sometimes accommodate debris that can irritate and cause infections. If this is the case, your veterinarian can flush the wound and prescribe antibiotics.

Comes in many varieties trauma

Even if a dog can often be traumatized by an accident, they can also be traumatized by an event or something in the environment. It is not easy patched with cotton balls and elastic envelope, as is their psyche that is affected.

In these situations, it is better to have a way to suppress their fear. There are many flavors and herbal formulas available for this purpose. When choosing a flower remedy make sure it contains the following ingredients:

  1. Impatiens (to reduce anxiety)
  2. Star of Bethlehem (to reduce shock)
  3. Cherry Plum (to reduce hazardous reactions)
  4. Rock Rose (reduce terror)
  5. Clematis (for clarity).

All these ingredients will help calm a fear, bad dog, to help provide treatment and transport to the vet if necessary.

Although these five elements are not the only things that should be in an emergency kit emergency first pet, they can be of paramount importance for most situations.