Healthy Snacks to Eat This Summer

When the days get longer and warmer, many of us adapt our diets to incorporate lighter, healthier foods. Gone are the days of comforting stews and homely roast dinners on miserable, wet evenings and in their place rainbow-colored fruit salads, fresh fish and healthy salads are much more appealing options. If you’re looking for inspiration in the kitchen or ideas for eating on the go, here are 5 healthy snacks to enjoy this summer:

1. Fresh fruit

Summer is arguably the best season when it comes to fresh fruit, with succulent cherries and blueberries, sweet, juicy raspberries and strawberries, soft peaches and flavorsome nectarines all in season. Snacking on fruit is ideal if you are in a rush or you are struggling to get your 5 a day. The fruit is a great source of vitamins and minerals, as well as providing you with fiber and carbohydrates to give you energy. You can prepare your own at home, which is a much cheaper option, or buy ready-packed selections from supermarkets and convenience stores. The fruit is acidic and it contains natural sugars, so it is best to eat it before or after a meal; this helps to reduce damage to the enamel caused by acid erosion. Learn how to stay healthy in the summer.

2. Cherry tomatoes with feta or mozzarella

Cherry tomatoes are packed with antioxidants and they are a simple, quick option for eating on the run. Combine your tomatoes with a small helping of feta or mozzarella cheese to add protein and calcium and spinach to add vitamin C and fiber. Feta and mozzarella contain less saturated fat than hard cheese, such as cheddar, and are a perfect accompaniment to fresh, juicy cherry tomatoes. You can also use these ingredients as a base for a simple pasta supper or salad by adding garlic, lemon juice, fresh basil, and olive oil.

3. Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables, such as carrots, celery, and cucumber, are packed with vitamins and minerals and they are a low calorie, sugar-free option, which will bridge the gap between meals. These foods have high water content and they are also a good source of fiber, which is important for digestion. If you would prefer a more substantial snack, you could add some dips and wholegrain crackers

4. Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream and a great option for hot, sunny days. There are many different flavors available and yogurt is a good source of calcium. Look out for low sugar versions, Sensu dentists approve of these as they are better for your teeth and they also contain fewer calories, which is great news for your summer beach body!

5. Homemade smoothies

If you love fruit and vegetables but you don’t have time to chop, slice and remove seeds and stalks, smoothies are a great snack option. If you buy smoothies in a shop, they often contain a lot of added sugar and may even have more calories than cans of fizzy pop, so preparing your own smoothies at home is a much healthier and cheaper option. Simply add the vegetables and fruits you want to enjoy into your blender or juicer and then get ready to sample the results.