quality-relationsWhether you want to get your ex back or seduce another person, this article can change your life! When asked how her lover multiply success, most of the time we think we must first get a perfect body (sport, hair, diet …), and then know by heart a series of seduction techniques indicating what to do, where, when and how, for the person of your choice falls into your arms.

Admittedly, this can be used … but have you thought to use these five highly effective qualities to charm everyone around effortlessly?

1) The power of freedom
Imagine a person who sings in the street, dancing a tango with you in the middle of a park, which at once takes you and hug you for no particular reason, all with a big smile.

These people attract all eyes. You know why? Because they envy. Because they exude happiness and freedom, because they feel good about themselves regardless of people’s eyes skin, and most of us find it difficult to do so.

Unfortunately it is difficult to acquire quality, but if you have naturally, do not ignore its power. There is immense.

2) The art of dressing
Contrary to the proverb, the habit is often a monk, especially when worn with ease. Believe me, someone who knows how to play his clothes attracts much more attention than other, more beautiful, dressed like everyone else. It’s simple, clothes cover most of your body, so they are much more visible than it.

Find your clothing style, and do not hesitate to get out of the average. You do not need to spend a lot of money in thrift stores or even flea markets, you will often find a lot more original than in the clothing stores. Find out what makes you the best value and employ it without moderation. A very effective key box, for women as for men dare, sexy but classy clothing very, showing your body without vulgarity. It is irresistible.

3) Positive thinking
There are people who are always cheerful and always see the best in others.

These people have a charm, everyone rushes around them. This is because they are accustomed to think positive. They feel each (e) they appreciate it, so that you always feel good with them. If you are one of these people, you never run out of love, even if you are single. Otherwise, try to think a little more positive. Be in a good mood at least once a day and compliment its surroundings from time to time does not hurt anyone.

4) The attractiveness of laughter
If you can easily reach the people around you to laugh, including you and themselves, you have a powerful tool. Laughter releases tension and elsewhere, if you know defuse conflicts, you have much more chance to build harmonious relations.

If your goal is to attract people and have fun with you, you never run out of company. Warning though, it could be that most people see you as a (e) friend (s) and not as a potential flirt. Laughter draw the world around you, but love requires at times a serious note.

5) The weapon of the franchise
People who say outright what they think are a lot of friend (s) and many enemy (s). This quality does not necessarily allow you to attract more, but to sort out the people that a future is possible and others. If you have trouble being sincere usual, make an effort. Immediately say what you think or what you want will save you valuable time: people who you do not agree flee immediately and your relationship with others progress rapidly.

In addition, once you’re a couple, you’ll save yourself a lot of misunderstandings and problems being clear (e) on your expectations and feelings. So it’s worth a try, right?

Seduction often through other ways than simple techniques dredge. 5 qualities outlined here (dis-inhibition, style, positive thinking, humor and openness) are relatively rare and often overlooked by manual of seduction. However, they can do much to help you find your soul mate. If you have one or more of them, cultivate them your best and prepare to wreak havoc!