There are specific job positions that are exclusive to men or limited only to women. However, there are also job positions wherein any gender is qualified or not yet it may be better if a specific gender is hired for it. The best example of this type of job position is the dental assistant. 70% of dentists in the United States say that they prefer their dental assistants to be females. This survey is proved to be unbiased because the dentists asked about it were a good mix of both males and females. Here are their reasons why female dental assistance is best for your dental practice.

Female Dental Assistance

  1. A female dental assistant is perceived to be more well-rounded compared to male dental assistants because the latter is believed to only treat this position as simply a stepping stone before moving on further to take over the helm as a dentist or perhaps a doctor. Female dental assistants become more knowledgeable and skilled if they focus on making this as a career choice, unlike male dental assistants who are only gathering enough experience and skills to become eligible for better positions.
  2. Dentists always look forward to having a long and lasting relationship with their dental assistants. This is tough to look for among males because as mentioned above they do not intend to settle for dental assistance as a career option. With women, they are willing to pick up being a dental assistant for a career and then dentists will be more interested in hiring them knowing they fit in well in what they are looking for in terms of longevity and duration in the job position.
  3. Dental firms and employers understand the need to have a balance in hiring men and women in their respective companies. Given that there are already a lot of aspiring dentists out there who are males, it is a priority for them to hire females to fill up other job positions within their dental firms or clinics. Having female dental assistants provides a balance among a number of men and women in your company’s payroll.
  4. Dental assistants are not only known to work exclusively with a dental firm or clinic as they can also be outsourced to work for government agencies, companies, and hospitals. Female dental assistants are easier to outsource compared to male dental assistants given that most companies who are looking for dental assistants look forward to females as a gender preference in this job position. This may sound unfair to male dental assistants out there but unfortunately, it is the harsh truth.
  5. Aside from assisting the dentist who is focused on getting dental procedures done, the dental assistants are also known to provide care and gentleness to the patients including motivating them and diverting their attention in case they feel fear or become anxious about the dental procedure that they are going to undergo. None but women can play this role much better due to their motherly instincts that are absent to men. This is another major reason why females are picked over men to get hired as dental assistants.

Being a dental assistant is not actually an inferior job position. There are still career advancement courses and training that a dental assistant can take advantage of in order to move further from their current position. Not only will they become more eligible for better positions in the field of dentistry but they will also be authorized to perform minor dental procedures depending on the course or type of training that they have acquired. Obviously, career advancement means better pay and better opportunities. This is why female dental assistants should not feel like settling when picking such a job position for a career choice. There are a lot of opportunities out there and the road to becoming an expert dental assistant is wide and long. If you happen to be one of those women who are still confused about which career option to take then you should not think twice in choosing to become a female dental assistant. For more information on how to become a dental assistant, you can browse the internet as there are a lot of articles available out there that provide information about this career path. You can also get information on the career advancement courses and training that you can take for you to move further once you become a dental assistant. The dental assistant job position is one of the best for women out there. You need to Plantation dentist visit for more details.

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