slimming-smoothies-imageSource of energy, detoxifying champions, smoothies have all the ingredients to help you keep the line. A brief overview of the properties of these thin vegetarian cocktails.

1) Composed mainly of fruits and vegetables, smoothies are low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates. Will weigh heavily in the “slimming” balance.

2) smoothies full of heavy thinness as pectin’s, fibers forming a gel in the stomach in order to trap sugars and fats in order to eliminate them.

3) smoothies are true champions in potassium intake. This helps prevent water retention. We eat more vegetables, more so it eliminates the less “inflated”.

4) containing fruits and vegetables, smoothies allow air nothing to absorb water (fresh fruits and vegetables all contain between 80 and 96%). There is no better ally than the water line.

5) Due to their composition, smoothies contain antioxidants, essential to counter the weight gain.