Beautiful-SkinEvery woman has BIG desire to look her skin more beautiful and fresh all time, but only the willingness to take care of you through beautiful skin can get the objective. Here are 5 tips to pamper your skin.

Tip # 1: Do you offer facials

All skin types, regardless of their type, love to be pampered, yours is no exception. Do not hesitate to offer a complete treatment once a month to remove impurities and to keep a peach complexion.

Tip # 2: Keep an eye on your eyes

The eye area is particularly sensitive to traces of time. So do not skimp on creams specifically designed for these parts of your face. They help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles that arise easily on the skin extremely fine.

Tip # 3: Clean the skin daily

To avoid breakouts, unclog pores clogged by pollution or get rid of impurities gleaned in the day, it is important to clean your skin with the right products for your skin type. The oily or combination skin will favor products that foam is rinsed with warm water, dry and sensitive skin, lotions or milk ingredients soothing.

Bonus for beauty sports: after practicing your favorite physical activity, go through the box skin cleansing.

Tip # 4: Shun the sun!

Responsible for premature aging of the skin, the sun can be a formidable foe for the skin. To limit the damage, better protect them. Pull covered by wearing a hat or apply a sunscreen with a high protection all year round, not just summer.

Tip # 5: Moll on scrubs

If scrubs and peels are other skin impurities, do not over do it. Limit yourself to one a week because exfoliating the skin needs a little oil that protects it.