prepare-your-skin-before-makeupThe task to clean and nourish our skin is recommended at night, while cleaning and moisturizing should be done in the morning just before makeovers.

Perform these two tasks will greatly benefit our face since the dead cells and debris generated blackheads makeup, plus large, open pores commonly known as “orange peel.”

Before applying your desired makeup style like smokey eyes, winged eyeliner etc you need to follow these tips to prepare your skin:

  1. Removes make your eyes. For sensitive eyes remover is recommended to use a gel or cream, with special emphasis on the removal of the mask, and that lumps of debris left by makeup make them the number one cause of loss of eyelashes.
  2. Cleanse your face and neck using a remover according to your skin type, as all cleaners have different components to suit every need. You can also use wipes pads if you have a hurry or do not have water.
  3. Hydrates the contour of your eyes. If you have eye bags recommend treating them with a specific product. Then applied around the eyes (essential from 25 years old) and wait for your skin to absorb the product appropriately. If you have oily or combination skin waiting time allow your makeup does not run or collect in the folds of the eyelids.
  4. Moisturize your face by applying a daily moisturizer with SPF. The moisturizer should be adjusted to your skin type: combination, oily, normal or sensitive. If your skin is very sensitive we recommend using a serum to give more light and moisturizing. Apply a small amount of cream in circles and do not forget the neck and ears. Then, wait until the cream is completely absorbed before you start your makeup. We also recommend using a good exfoliating gel and a mask once a week.
  5. Moisturize your lips with lip balm (apply the product with your finger or a synthetic brush). Apply the shield or vitamin E cream before bed or after tranquilizes is recommended every night. This simple gesture will be grateful for our lips in the cold of winter and the hot summer sun.

Once all these steps your skin is now ready to receive your usual makeup routine.