family-healthy-weekendFinally arrived Friday. We’ve been watching all week and planning our diet and exercising. It is natural for the weekend and want to indulge a little out schemes or strict discipline.

The problem is that many people lose sight of their purpose to eat well and get to consume as many calories that could represent an additional day of normal consumption. The worst thing is that they end on Sunday feeling guilty of everything they ate during these days and sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Healthy eating is about flexibility and if we understood the basics of good nutrition, we need not feel that we got out of the weekend schedule. By incorporating knowledge in our habits and lifestyle, we can make healthy choices (and delicious) every day of the week. Moreover, the weekends are an opportunity to eat healthier because we have even more time to accomplish.

8 Tips to help you take care of your diet on the weekends:

1. Since you have more time. Forget the hustle and stress. You can plan recreational activities and eat more quietly sharing with your friends or family.

2. Come as always. If you think about it, it makes little sense to think that we have two ways to eat, but a healthy and rich and varied food. If we eat well, we will choose to continue with food to give us energy and well being. Although times change a little, remember that the body needs food every 4-5 hours, so do not forget to eat breakfast and snacks.

3. Spend time outdoors. Open spaces and in contact with nature will make us more physical activity, we feel relaxed and through contact with the sun, will occur vitamin D.

4. Pay attention to the drinks. Making more social activities on weekends, remember to consume sugary drinks in moderation or outright eliminate them from your healthy eating scheme. Search options like fruit water, mineral water if you’re single or meetings or restaurants. Remember that many of the extra calories we eat come from packaged beverages and / or alcohol.

5. Do not think of food as a switch that turns on and off. If you learn about good nutrition remember that healthy habits become part of your life continuously, so you do not have to feel like something that “resting”.

6. Make smart purchases. Many people shop for the week on weekends. Remember not go shopping hungry because the choices we make when we are hungry are not as healthy. Also remember that in the center aisles of the supermarket foods are less healthy than in the corridors outside. Bypasses them and always prefer natural foods, whole fresh.

7. If eating out remember to listen to your body and stop eating when you feel satisfied. You can share plate or order take as many restaurants serve portions exaggerated. Preferred options containing vegetables and are steamed, grilled or sauteed instead of fried, and breaded seascapes. Remember to choose nutritious drinks and low calorie.

8. If you crave desserts eat them, consciously and enjoying them. Choose small portions. No prohibited. If our diet is balanced, we can eat desserts without feeling guilty. Choose within them, which you can bring more nutrients like fruits. Remember how delicious and healthy it could mean the same.