Physical Activity With Dog

A recent U.S. study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that dog owners would be more likely to engage in regular than those who do not have physical activity.

They would thus be 34% spend more than 2 1/2 hours a week playing, running, or some other activity with their dog. The result of this study is all the more welcome as veterinarians and the U.S. Department of Health campaigns increasing awareness of the risks of being overweight associated with lack of physical activity.

This is also in the process to grow strongly in our 4-legged companions. Why not combine useful and pleasant practicing a physical activity that is beneficial for their own health and that of his dog?

A traditional walk in the park could become much more interesting for each of the two.

Here are nine suggestions for activities to do with your pet and you will, in addition to developing your complicity of regular physical activity.

1. Playing Frisbee

Probably the game prefers the dog as well as his master. If some people think that playing Frisbee is to throw the disc and wait for the dog reports, you will quickly understand that play differently can quickly make you burn some calories.

Try to throw the Frisbee to ten feet away from you and run towards it with your dog. The first who catches win! Guaranteed effort.

2. A Jog with Your Pet

Joging with your pet

This activity is undoubtedly a challenge that you can adapt to your ability. So try to exhaust your dog!

some breeds are particularly enduring and may well knock you out. Make sure you can be attentive to your dog’s behavior during the race and not to make him suffer for too extreme efforts. Make regular stops to give him a drink and allow him to catch his breath.

If some medium and large breeds are suited to this type of effort, small as they are more sensitive to. Do not practice this type of activity if you have a very good standard with a dog that could not keep up.

3. Swim with Your Dog

Particularly recommended in summer to cool off, this activity can also be practiced regularly. Some dog breeds like most other water and swimming.

You can then, optionally, take a floating off to go look for it and you jump back or a dock for swimming toy.

Your dog should go to the water itself, do not push it as this may make it especially suspicious and do not appreciate any swimming or he becomes fearful.

4. Hike

Hiking with Dog

Dogs love walking and especially in nature because all the senses are awakened. Enjoy a weekend camping to take your dog with you and go walk a few hours.

Most breeds can easily follow provided that sufficient water to drink. If you and your dog don’t drink water there is a risk of dehydration. A 4-hour hike you can spend up to 1000 calories. Interesting is not it?

5. Play Rope

Dog loves to play, most of the time and especially if there is an interaction between him and his master. Obtain a toy rope and hand him one end.

You will quickly see what to do. Have fun in the cause and try to remove the toy hand. Be careful though, this game should only be conducted with dogs who are fully aware of their strength and fulfill your orders.

If it becomes too violent in his movements calm the game because it is unnecessary to develop aggressive behavior in your pet. Let them win from time to time, it is itself that will ask you to replay.

6. The Ride Rollers

Skating with Dog

Just like jogging, skating or skateboard may be activities to share with your dog. So you will get exercise as your dog will follow you.

7. The Walk-in Snowshoes

Most outdoor activities take place during sunny days, and for good reason, it’s nice to be in the sun as rain or cold. But if you are lucky enough to live in a snowy area in winter, so try snowshoeing.

Dogs generally like a lot of snow and have fun jumping in all directions. Think still to prepare for the cold with protections for their pads (shoes, balm, …).

Avoid this kind of activity in very cold because if certain breeds have a thick coat, this is not the case for everyone.

8. Play in the Fight

The dog, instinctively, like the fight because it reminded him of when he was a puppy and he grew up in his siblings. Try to catch it and kindly to heckle him to the ground.

This activity, in addition to making you burn calories, develops your complicity with your partner.

However, be sure to keep a dominant position with your pet and calm the game if it starts to shake a little jaw or take too aggressive.

9. Cycling

This event is for dogs who have good stamina and good endurance because faster than jogging. Your dog will be used to track your bike and especially not to bite the wheels.

If you go for a long bike ride, stop regularly so that your companion can take a breath and drink.