For now all pregnant women should know that smoking is terrible for the mother and baby. If you smoke, maybe you tried to quit without success. Some women mistakenly believe they need to quit smoking in the first quarter, so that the baby will benefit. If they are not able quitting in early pregnancy, many of them end up surrendering.

A study conducted at the University of Auckland, found women who stopped smoking in its fifteenth week of pregnancy and minimized the risk of premature birth on the same level with those who did not smoke. The group of women who continued to smoke, had triple the risk of having premature births.

Similar results in relation to birth weight. Babies were born to mothers who stopped smoking by the fifteenth week of pregnancy, had their babies with normal birth weight. Women who continued to smoke, had a higher incidence of low birth weight baby.

This new information should offer encouragement to women who had difficulty trying to quit smoking in the past. Regardless of the methods used to stop smoking, many people smoked in the past, will tell you the methods used, the right motivation and the will they had in stopping smoking. A smoker can fail 30 times, you just have to find the right motivation for success.

Always seek help to stop smoking. It is impossible to know how many women lie to your doctor about smoking and other bad habits, but it happens. It is tempting to omit information on smoking habits or lie you stopped smoking in fear of the opinion of the provider, but do not.

Doctors can help you to quit smoking and offer advice about medications that can help you quit smoking, just to be honest with your health care provider. You can get the help and support you need to give your baby a healthy start in life and a healthy mother.