healthy-puppiesThe care of the puppies during the first days is basically reduced to monitoring all suck and stays dry and warm if it’s cold, and slightly cooler if the heat is strong in summer. Also, check that no infant being crushed under the mother’s body, which could lead to choking.

The attention should be focused on the mother, giving two good meals a day with regard to the quality of food (puppy food usually) and add in some complex dish containing calcium, as can be the case that a few days to start feeding the litter occurs a steep descent of calcium in the body, causing tetany (with very clear and noticeable symptoms). The veterinary advices always tell how to supply calcium and how to act.

After delivery, the dog will continue to flow through the vulva evacuating with some blood and, perhaps, some tissue debris. This situation is completely normal and can grow up to 15 days after birth without posing risk, provided they do not smell predicament and continues for more time. If any abnormality is detected would be essential to visit the vet.

More advice. – Another care is monitoring develop breast of the mother. Note that the touch temperature is higher than the rest of the body, which is quite normal if up to three degrees higher. Will also ensure that you do not hurt and they are not blocked, for what may be draining slightly to check them.

Between the second and third day of life will fall the rest of umbilical cord that still have puppies and they will be gone dry. The mother will lick to keep clean and it is normal swallow after detachment. Also, during those days, begin to suckle milk and colostrum cease to be secreted by the mother. This is very clearly reflected in the weight of the newborn, as they begin to suck milk weight has significant progression, bending approximately 10 days, whereas when only suck colostrum weight remains unchanged and even in the first 24 hours can be given some weight loss.