One plus one equals two, is a concept that even a child can understand, this is according to the latest research by a team of scientists in the United States and Israel. The researchers found that babies can determine math errors.

It has always been a discussion of whether human beings are born with the ability to understand the mathematical concept. The most common thought previously has been that this kind of understanding did not develop into a baby until at least 2 ½ years old. In other words, there were anatomical changes that occurred in the brain to allow mathematical concepts are understood.

The research was conducted puppet demonstrations showing infants six months of age. During the demonstration, addition and subtraction concepts were shown, along with some containing errors. Scientists monitored both reactions and brain activity in infants. This led them to determine that these babies understand more about mathematics than we may think.

Past studies by other scientists, seems to reinforce this idea, but until this study, no one knows the extent of the ability in an infant.

How this affects you and your baby?

I’m not suggesting you to go and look for a multiplication table, but you can incorporate your baby math concepts as, singing songs in the form of counting, adding and subtracting their bottles, if you live in a house that has a second level, counts each step when you go up and down the stairs and so on. As with anything of development, your child will learn a lot about their world and the interaction you have with him or her.