overweightWhere do you start when you have a weight loss goal?

Definitely the best start is to accept yourself in the state in which you are at this moment and make peace with your body.

But how can I accept? If excess weight causes not like my body! You may be wondering. Ironically the most successful results in weight loss occur when the person wants to lose weight that feels good. Change your eating and exercise habits is a process which requires energy, motivation and strong will. If you enroll in the healthy way, you do not have an inner voice that is criticizing you all the time and sabotaging your attempts to lose weight. When you accept, you stop fighting yourself and aids the positive flow of your actions lead you the way you want.

Accepting yourself means loving unconditionally as you are today and to honor and respect for who you are, not how you are physically. Self-acceptance by no means satisfied, and does not lead to inaction, but this act of self-love provides the necessary push to take the actions you require to achieve a healthy body and well trained.overweight-comprison

Accepting yourself also means to forgive you for your past actions. No matter what you’ve done or left undone. Do not blame yourself, you did the best you could with the resources you could count on at the time. Today is a new opportunity to fix the next 10 years of your life and have the life you dream of.

The thoughts create your life, so if you are thinking all day “should not eat so much”, “if only I had the willpower to go to the gym”, “if it were not so fat have a couple”, “if they were so irresistible chocolates would not be so “are decreeing having a terrible day and your prophecies are acumplirse. You feel embarrassed, sad, angry, frustrated and demoralized.

These feelings will not allow you to make changes and move in the direction you want. Refexiona this for a moment.

Think of your body is not well to hurt. For some reason, as explained in his book Joe Gabriel Method, your body tries to protect you and believing that you will be safer. Rather than beat yourself overweight you have accumulated over time, practice compassion and gratitude with your body. Your body is so perfect that it had no other way to “yell” he needed something, you had gaps and therefore encouraged you eat anything to fill that void.anger-feelings

When you are accepted unconditionally, learn to listen to the needs of your body and begin to feed more carefully, keeping in good physical and emotional. You start to have a more harmonious relationship with yourself and practice love and self-acceptance.

Now I will share an exercise you recommend it to my clients for my coaching program, I practice it myself and it works from experience. Consists look in all mirrors with all you meet, you can be at home, in the car, in the office bathroom, etc.. and say, beautiful and loving words aloud and looking into your eyes.

For example, I say the words “you look great”, “cute, today we have a special day,” “I love you unconditionally,” I appreciate that you’re always close to me “,” I promise to give it all the care day you require, “” you look fantastic, increasingly beautiful “,” you look beautiful “, etc..mirror-and-beauty

The key to this i.e. claims with passion, truly feeling them in every fiber of your being, so those spells become reality. This new attitude to life will give you the strength to create a wonderful day full of opportunities. Test it!