rabbitsOn Easter Monday, bring home an adorable little bunny can be tempting … But is it really a good idea?
If the arrival of a hairball with big ears will undoubtedly delight children, we must not forget that a rabbit is not a toy, but a living being with needs, and representing a real responsibility, like any other pet.

A rabbit is not a toy!
Adopt a rabbit is to have a companion for many years. It may indeed live 7-10 years. We need to think long term and understand that the adorable little bunny gets big and old, and will require a lot of dedication and care.
Whatever his age, a rabbit requires that he be given time. Her grooming in particular is very important. Because this animal trend, as cats have hairballs. These are lodged in his stomach and intestines and cause serious health problems.
It is therefore necessary to regularly maintain the hair of his rabbit, and even if he has long hair.
You also need to take care of his diet carefully, and often clean his cage.
Also, a rabbit needs exercise, and daily. A rabbit trapped in a cage all day long, without being able to run or jump, will be unhappy!

Rabbit, a fragile and fearful animal
Many parents tend to think that a rabbit is a perfect pet for a young child. But they are wrong! Small naturally want to play with their little companion to take in their arms, cuddle, things that frighten most rabbits.
By manipulating the animal, children also at risk of dropping, and to cause serious injury … Rabbits do not have a voice, they therefore cannot express their pain and distress. They will tend to bite and scratch with their feet.
Each year, thousands of rabbits end up in shelters for these reasons … when children and parents are too late aware that rabbit is not a toy, but a fearful and fragile animal.
Finally, although it can be very affectionate, a rabbit does not greet you in the evening, wagging his tail, he will not come purring on your lap while you read or watch TV. If this is what you are looking for a pet, then you should choose a cat or dog!