After-the-baby-is-bornWhen a baby is born, he or she may have an impact on your whole life. And although the arrival of a son or daughter can make parents more united, the stress of caring for children and the lack of sleep, can be a challenge for many couples.

There are several suggestions on how a couple can maintain a healthy and strong baby after birth.

  •      Remember mutually communicate clearly and often. Make time to talk.
  •      Tell your partner what is bothering you, and resolve any issues as soon as possible.
  •      Do not blame or accuse your partner, but tell your partner how you feel.
  •      Make time for both to be together, after the baby goes to sleep.
  •      Focus on what is important, and do not stress over little things.
  •      Make a list of tasks and responsibilities and ensure divide at par.
  •      Help your partner to relax after a stressful day.