Almonds are considered as one of the world’s healthiest food.

Almond Milk

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1: Brain food: They are the source of nutrients which help brain development. They contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, which increase brain activity, resulting in new neural pathways.

2: Regulate cholesterol: Regular consumption of almonds helps to increase the level of high-density lipoproteins ( HDL) and reduce the level of low-density lipoproteins ( LDL)

3: Friend of your heart: Almonds contain monounsaturated fats, protein , and potassium which improve heart health when consumed regularly.

4: Bone health: Almonds are an excellent source of phosphorous , which improves strength and durability of bones and teeth.

5: Better immunity: Almonds are a great source of alkaline material, which help to improve the overall immune system of your body.

6: Anti-inflammatory:  The healthy fats provided by almonds help to reduce inflammation and benefit overall health.

7: Regulate blood pressure: The potassium present in almonds helps to regulate blood pressure and since almonds are very low in sodium, they make a healthy snack.

8: Diabetic friendly: Almonds help regulate blood sugar levels in the body by avoiding sudden sugar surge.

9: Boosts energy: The manganese, copper, and riboflavin present in almonds help in energy production and improve metabolic rate.

10: Relieves constipation: The high fiber content in almonds helps to eliminate waste from the intestines easily, thus relieving constipation and also preventing colon cancer.

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Here is a recipe for a simple and easy almond milk, which is a perfect evening snack.

All natural almond milk:

Serves: 3


Almonds – 100 grams

Dates – 4-5 large

Vanilla pod – 1

Pure water – 400 ml


1: Wash, clean and soak almonds overnight. If you are making this for an evening snack, almonds can be soaked in the morning.

2: Wash and soak the dates

3: Peel the soaked almonds

4: Blend the almonds with ½ cup water to get a smooth paste

5: Now, add the soaked dates and another ½ cup of water and blend

6: Now, add the vanilla extract from the pod. If you do not have natural vanilla pod, you could use crushed seeds of 1 cardamom

7: Now, add as much water as required to get the desired consistency of the milk

8: Serve it fresh, garnished with roasted, slivered almonds.

9: I like it with the fiber. If you wish to, you can strain the milk and have it without the pulp.

Almond milk is an excellent dairy substitute for growing children.

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