There’s little room for doubt: America does have a drug problem. But what does it look like, really? If we had a map of America’s drug trafficking areas and “drugs of choice,” what patterns would emerge?
This infographic, sponsored by Clarity Way, does just that. It’s a series of three maps, each with a different purpose. Together, they give us a fascinating look at the geography of drug addiction and trafficking.
What you might be surprised to find is just how evenly divided the country is; the East Coast seems to gravitate toward cocaine as its “favorite drug,” while the West Coast and Midwest supply the bulk of the country’s methamphetamine supply. It turns out Breaking Bad was right after all.
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If you’ve ever wondered about the drug “hot spots” in your state, you’ll get some answers to that question as well. For example: New Bedford, MA is notorious for having a very active heroin port. The abundance of heroin in the area recently resulted in 15 opiate-related drug overdoses in the span of 24-hours. Similarly, Santa Clara, California is associated with meth labs, and Jacksonville, Florida is known for their cocaine dealers.
We won’t spoil the surprises for you, but that map has a few other surprises as well: data points that don’t seem to fit the established pattern or conventional wisdom. But we’ll let you find those for yourself.
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Drug Free? Think Again - America's Favorite Drugs by State
Infographic by Clarity Way Rehab Center