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[Dementia vs Alzheimer’s] The Important Health Questions and Answers When Caring for Your Elderly

Dementia vs Alzheimer’s

With each phase of life comes both newfound wisdom and a new set of challenges. For more than 50 million people worldwide, one of those challenges is dementia, a not all too uncommon cause of memory loss. Despite the condition’s relative frequency, dementia is often confused with a different, albeit similar, diagnosis that’s also associated […]

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[Lifestyle Lift] 10 Things You Can Start Doing Today for a Healthier, Happier Existence

Lifestyle Lift

Are you sick of feeling tired, depressed, bored, and unhappy? The modern lifestyle tends to contain many things that are actively harming your mental and physical health, but you do not have to be stuck feeling miserable. A few easy activities can resolve many common issues almost overnight. These ten simple lifestyle changes help you […]

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8 Ways You Can Use CBD Oil in Your Daily Life and the Benefits of Doing So

CBD Oil in Your Daily Life

Just about everyone has heard of CBD oil by now. Users of this amazing alternative to synthetic pain relief remedies are enthusiastically spreading their personal stories of how CBD has helped them in a variety of ways. Unlike prescription pain relievers that come with side effects that can be worse than the problem you are […]

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