breaking-outPersonal Development: Overcoming / overcome emotional pain

To cope with this very special emotional pain, it must know how it works …
It works like a bereavement, in several stages:
First, the shock! One has the impression that the sky is falling on our heads. You feel very alone, and very often this feeling is amplified because we deliberately isolated. You do not have consciousness, but the fact that you isolate will not fix things you do not want out (at first) that things are getting better.
Can you think and think out of the obsessively. You return to the scene ten thousand times in your mind you need. It’s a little masochistic air, but this is a normal reflex. These thoughts are unpleasant, you are hurting; you are hurting, you feel the same pain in your body. You do not sleep well, you feel that everything you demand a much greater force than before. Nostalgic thoughts become gradually thoughts that express anger, resentment … Then, after hating your former partner, you feel guilty for your turn, you are questioning, you try to figure out where you went wrong …
But little by little, you will return to court in your life, otherwise, accepting the change.

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