Just a decade or two ago, when you would talk or think about tiles, you would just think bathroom or kitchen floors or walls. Nowadays, they have been given so many more uses as their range of colors, sizes, shapes, materials and other characteristics have changed. Therefore, you can make a good use of them in almost any room of your home if you see fit.

Kitchen and bathroom remain favorite rooms to be decorated with tiles. They can be used for flooring as well as for the walls. They are easy to maintain and clean, which makes them perfect material for these rooms. Also, there is a lot of water in bathroom and kitchen and tiles make it easy to wipe and dry instantly form the surfaces you want. The colors and the sizes are better than ever. Find residential plots for sale in Lahore to build your dream homes.

Bedrooms and living rooms are not normally places where you would put on tiles. This is especially true if we are talking about floors and walls. However, the tiles don’t have to be used in these purposes. As we have already stated, they are more colorful and more variable than ever. Therefore, why not making a mosaic that can be used as an amazing and original decoration on your wall. You can break the tiles to get irregular shapes, or cut them into shapes you like.


Furniture can also be enhanced by a clever use of tiles. You can make amazing and lovely table tops that can be used both for indoor and outdoor tables as they are easy to maintain. You can use them to decorate counter tops, mantelpieces, and many other flat surfaces that you have around the house. Even stairs can become far more interesting if you cover them up with different, colorful tiles, perhaps only on one side.

Outdoors, with the garden is the best place to enjoy excellent use of tiles. First, you can choose some amazing stone tiles and make pathways around your garden and your yard. If you make a little gap between them and allow some grass to grow there, you will get a lovely, magical and rustic look which is always charming. One of those tile paths should definitely lead to the place where you have a tile decorated table and a couple of chairs. These can even be made out of concrete and decorated with tiles. Don’t hesitate to use different types and sorts of tiles to make that garden place a mosaic of a sort.

Another thing that can be perfectly decorated with tiles around your home are the flower beds and pots. You can make them from concrete and then just glue the tiles on the outside surfaces, making them look more elegant and organized. Once again, the ease of cleaning here is a bonus.


Therefore, there is hardly any corner of your home where tiles cannot be used. The only question remains if you know which sort of tiles should and can be used in which purpose. However, it you go to the store and tell them what you have in mind, they will definitely explain it to you which type of tiles you need and want to use and how to glue them most efficiently to achieve what you need.

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