Depression a Silent Killer

Although depression often not taken seriously, depression is a silent killer and it is very important that a specialist immediately attend symptoms.

Many cases of failure at school, work, and family, to name a few, maybe a common factor to build depression. What may vary among them is the intensity of which is classified as mild, moderate and deep.

The first case can be identified when the person experiences a ground state of sadness that incapacitates and affects their productivity, personal care or academic life, but ever need for intermittent periods of isolation.

It is also very common to hear expressions using pessimistic, negative, lack of hope and difficulty solving their problems.

This is very evident in those who perceive social reality from their point of view is untenable, feel that the future is uncertain and that are particularly unfortunate, so that typically have an irritable character. In these cases, psychotherapy is recommended as a treatment, as it will help the patient maintain a good level in regard to its development in the social field.

When the Problem Arises

In moderate depression, grooming starts to be affected and this is added the possibility of temporary disability at work and school.

In addition, there is an invasion of the mental health impacting service levels, memory, logical thinking and are often accompanied by a growing sense of insecurity stronger and also increases your need in isolation.

Another feature is that eating disorders often occur as increased consumption or deprivation of food, sleep periods increase and the feeling of fatigue, sadness, negativity, discouragement, and hopelessness.

The patient is unable to enjoy and enjoy what was rewarding when the specialist diagnosed this level of depression may recommend psychotherapy plus the convenience of using a medication, which must be strictly monitored by him.

Finally, when talking about deep depression disability is present in virtually all areas of operation, the insulation is chronic which is the lack of enjoyment, has been installed, the sufferer finds it impossible to have a future vision in the hope of overcoming the negativity is manifested ineffective and there is a complete lack of emotional expression face and body.

A person living with this condition whose main sign away the need for and develops even suicidal thoughts and the possibility of it gets to execute increases considerably, not to help.

The recommended treatment for severe depression not only includes psychotherapy and medication use, but sometimes the placement is also essential since the task is to protect the integrity of the patient up and the role of family, friends, partner, and other people connected emotionally, but it is also important to overcome them.

This evil, sometimes silent and other neglected as not worth dealing with problems or worse yet, only seen and believe you do not need anyone to behave in life.

Photo courtesy of Pexels