Cat with dermatitisUnder the generic name of dermatitis (from the Greek derma: skin) are designated all skin conditions, regardless of their cause.

Dermatosis improved by testosterone
Answering a dermatosis testosterone is a rare disorder that manifests itself by symmetrical alopecia among castrated males.

Dermatosis improved by vitamin A
This condition is characterized by a more or less refractory seborrhea. Ceruminous otitis externa often accompanies it. A vitamin A may allow a total cure, but treatment is sometimes necessary for life.

Dermatosis improved by estrogen
Estrogen responsive dermatosis is a rare disorder that is manifested by symmetrical alopecia female dogs sterilized. It can be associated to the genitals juveniles.

Canine dermatitis of the ear margins
This condition debuted a moderate seborrhea, which may evolve into a crusty dermatitis severe, accompanied by painful cracks.

Linear IgA dermatosis canine
Very rare condition, characterized by a generalized pustular dermatitis. It seems that it only affects dachshunds adults.

Dermatosis hereditary lupoid
Hereditary lupoid dermatosis is a family disease of unknown origin. A squamosis debuted on the head and progressing to become generalized. Systemic symptoms may be present. No effective treatment has been described systematically.

Psoriasiform lichenoid dermatosis
Springer spaniel in this is a rare condition that is characterized by plaques and papules on the pinnae and inguinal area. With time, the lesions may extend.

Corneal pustular dermatosis sub
The sub-corneal pustular dermatosis is a very rare idiopathic causes generalized pustular dermatitis or seborrheic type. Head and trunk are particularly affected. Pruritus is variable.

Dermatosis answering zinc
Two syndromes of this disease are recognized. I appears syndrome despite a diet that provides an adequate intake of zinc. Erythema, alopecia, crusts, scales and suppuration are marks around the mouth, chin, eye area and ears. For the syndrome II, a zinc-deficient diet leads to the appearance of hyperkeratotic plaques on the nasal planum and the pads.

Idiopathic ulcerative dermatosis of Collies and Shetland sheepdog
This condition can be bound to the dermatomyo-site. Vesicles and ulcers in bubbles evolve, especially in regions axillary and inguinal res and at junctions cutaneous neo-mucosa.