I’ve always been a massive believer in the power of natural nutrition and remedies. I think natural ways to cure people are much better since they rarely have side effects and can react with your body more effectively. Which is why I’ve been looking into something called inulin to help cure my recent dietary issues.


It took a while to figure out where to buy inulin and how it helps, so I’m sharing this here to help people understand this amazing natural element which offers a number of benefits.

What is inulin?

Inulin is a sort of starch that can be found in over 36,000 species of plants. It is a fructan, which means it is a fiber that can help your digestive tract. The type of plants that produce inulin do not produce other forms of starch and we’ve only been able to extract this compound since the early half of the twentieth century.

Benefits of inulin

The reason inulin consumption is growing is because of the health benefits it offers. Inulin was said to be a very ‘peculiar’ substance when it was first discovered in 1804. The substance can help your body absorb more calcium and magnesium, which is good for bones. It also helps with the growth of helpful bacteria in the intestine that can help you digest food better.
The medical community considers this substance a prebiotic or a FODMAP, which means it can help helpful bacteria grow in your intestines. This helpful bacteria, in turn, helps with the formation of gases in the colon that can draw in water, helping people relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

But there is more – inulin helps to block the body’s ability to process fructans and can help control the level of sugar in the blood. This is why inulin is recommended by doctors for diabetic patients who need to control their blood sugar levels.

There is also some evidence to suggest that inulin consumption could help you prevent certain forms of cancer. This is especially true for colon cancer and other forms of digestive system cancers. There is a chance the substance could improve the way your body’s immune system works against this deadly disease.

Altogether, inulin is understood to be fantastic for your digestive system, so if you have any stomach related problems this could be an ideal natural remedy.

The application of inulin in foods and nutrition
Inulin, as we already know, comes from plants so a plant-based diet is absolutely necessary for anyone looking to gain benefits from this natural solution. However, if consumed in excess the substance can cause extra gases to form and may cause unpleasant bloating sensations. This is why the consumption of inulin must be done in doses.

Inulin is found over the counter in pill or powder form and many of the local pharmacies offer the substance in 3.1 gram daily portions.

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