healthy-environmentIn today’s article we will talk about one of the places where many people spend most of your day when you are awake, it is the office or workplace and the importance it has to help or difficulties our way to becoming healthy people and a healthy weight. Regardless if your office or work place helps you achieve your goals or not, we will give a series of recommendations to modify the environment and play it to your advantage and not to your contra. Para begin, I would ask how long your day we spend at work? Generally speaking most people spend at least 8 to 10 hours a day in the workplace without paths and many of you there and eat breakfast and sometimes even dinner, hence the importance of the way is destruct your workplace, as this directly influences the eating habits you develop around your work activity.

Many companies, unfortunately not interested incorporate adequate space or promote good habits for employees to be healthy and feel good because you know the productivity of your employees is directly related to their health, emotional stability, vitality and fitness.
It is very common for workplaces have the following characteristics:

  • Lack of space for small and comforting take breaks to recharge energy and continue the work, since many times the daily demands of work become very stressful.
  •  The outdoor spaces are scarce and when they unfortunately are taken by smokers and instead breathe fresh air puffs of smoke snuff.
  • There is a corporate culture where being healthy is part of the vision and objectives of the company. It is rare to locate an companies with programs for health promotion and prevention of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome (high triglycerides and cholesterol and obesity).
  • There are vending machines and junk food and soda cans industrialized juices instead of offering plenty of natural water.
  •   The culture of eating cake to celebrate the birthday of a coworker is widespread, are also frequent meetings after work to celebrate the rise of a teammate and generally on such occasions where fast food and alcohol as available , it is easy to lose control, coming to excess.

Now you may wonder what can be done under this scenario.

Firstly you have to take responsibility for our health and well being depends on us alone and that even though the environment is unfavorable to us, we can influence it and make better choices when eating and being healthy. We should not be influenced by the environment, by coworkers and stakes our health and well being.

Then I will give 10 recommendations to help you be healthy and achieve weight loss or even if you’re working to keep you and the environment is not the best way to achieve your goals:

  1. Do not be on your desk or office you do not agree foods like cookies, candy, donuts, chocolates, processed juices, etc. Because when you are hungry to devour eagerly seek them proportionate a junk food that does not suit you at all.lunch
  2. Buy a lunchbox and small containers that you like a lot to take your lunch to the office of sufficient size to contain the food can programmatic all day, which usually includes your meal and your snacks or healthy snakes pass not hungry between meals. This way you can control the portion size, preparation of your food and lead a healthy and nutritious diet to leave you satisfied and energized to keep working. You have probably noticed that when you do very heavy meals full of fat and high in refined carbohydrates, you return to your desk lethargic, sleepy and wanting only to go to bed to sleep, is very different and balanced a balanced meal packed vegetable and eaten alive with colorful give you all the nutrients your body needs to continue working hours and also leave you satisfied to not need to fill dessert or coffee to wake up and go about your activities. Try it!
  3. Try to be more active, choose the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the place of your peers, instead of calling your extension, taking short breaks every 2-3 hours to stretch, relax and do a brief meditation exercise case find a place with some privacy for you and you can concentrate aisles (the car can be an ideal place to procure for yourself a few minutes). It is shown that stress leads to overeating and can make you fat.
  4. Have on hand a bottle of water at least 1 liter refill and seeks at least every three hours and is useful to keep moving around the office.
  5. Bring in your purse, backpack or always keep in your desk drawer, small snacks healthy like nuts, sunflower seeds or pumpkin, natural peanuts, cranberries, raisins, fruits that do not need peeling apples, guavas, plums, peaches , etc. These foods are ideal for consumption between meals as you provide nutrients, fiber and 100% energy and are healthier than the vending machine products. Just be careful not to overdo the amount; simply take small snacks between meals.
  6. Try to eat most of the time in the office, if you have room within the company and from time to time to eat salt or inns restaurants with your fellow nothing is forbidden! Note that wherever you go you will always have healthy food options to choose from on the menu or menu, you can also ask the waiter if you can prepare something special you want to eat. One recommendation would be more about applying the following three principles of supply: a) choose the most nutritious and healthy foods like vegetable soups, salads, chicken or fish, b) choose foods that are prepared grilled, steamed, with minimum fat c) determines the portion for you, or share a dish with a coworker. No need to finish you off your plate if you’re happy, it’s rude not as we said our mom or grandma.
  7. If you have a chance to walk a few minutes after the food would be great, return to your workplace full of energy to continue your work.
  8. When someone offers you food that does not want to eat, appreciate your good intentions and say something like this: “this food looks delicious and spectacular, I appreciate your good intentions in wanting to share it with me, but I’m controlling my portions, so I decided not time to eat it because it suits me “problem solved everyone will respect your decisions if you do it firmly and without hesitation!
  9. Do not feel committed to eat or drink what the workmates get invited only because they belong to the group and keep the status quo. Love your body and decide you do not want to eat it not because you must; there is a big difference in this way to express what we want.
  10. Finally looking people with your same values ​​and objectives in relation to healthy lifestyle, team up with them and promote sports tournaments after work, share information on nutrition news and contraindication physical strategies to generate healthy habits, etc. . Remember that you become the more people you live with.

In another article we will discuss extensively the issue of when colleagues or friends sabotage your efforts to become a healthier person, this subject is to write many lines … is very strong, you’ll see!
My final thought is:
Each to resist the temptations, criticism, jokes’re fighting a tiny battle within you that will make you a stronger person and more committed to you and your health. Do not let the environment influence you to divert or delay the fate you want for yourself.

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