Depression, anxiety, life traumas or phobias are some causes that may jeopardize the psychological health of the dog.

Animals can become depressed, suffer from anxiety, phobias suffer or have behavioral problems, which prevent them from living normally in their environment. Every dog ​​is unique and unrepeatable. His personality depends on their genes, the peculiarities of race and receiving treatment and education. They also have an emotional world. He stressed or sad, so, in addition to ensuring their physical, it must be done also by their mood.

The dog is a highly social animal; you need to live with their owners and other counterparts to be happy and balanced. For the dog, his human family is equivalent to the pack that works with a specific hierarchy.

  The behavior of the owners is essential to prevent behavioral problems in animals

If the dog cannot interact with their human group and feel integrated, most likely arising behavior problems such as destructive or compulsive behaviors, among others. Bat Helena, ethnologist (canine behavior expert) recommends maintaining adequate communication with the dog as a way to prevent behavioral problems and to preserve the animal’s psychological wellbeing.

As behavioral pathologies, the most common are:

  •     Phobias or fears of specific situations, like the sound of firecrackers.
  •     Anxiety caused by an unsurpassed phobia, a disorder related to communication skills or inability to adapt to new situations.
  •     Depression, which stems from trauma such as the death of a loved one, an abandonment or stress.

Dog Health and psychological treatment

A suitable approach to education and the hierarchy at home and, especially, a lot of affection, love and patience are key ingredients for the dog to be happy and have a balanced character. But to succeed, you have to know what a dog: what are their needs, how happy and how to get your health and wellness. Once the problem arises and you need professional help, “in many cases, with a session and involvement of the owners can solved the problem,” says Helena Bat. “The problem is the lack of commitment by some owners to work and perform the tasks assigned to it in therapy with the dog,” he adds.