Eating-ErrorsSome say that 1 calorie = 1 calorie, regardless of what food comes from and that overweight is given by the imbalance between the calories you consume and what you burn. However, researchers have recently released the news that all calories are not equal , i.e. does not have the same effect to the body, in simpler words is not the same consume 300 calories coming from a dessert, 300 calories obtained from fruits and grains. Although two foods have the same energy content refined sugars pass directly into the blood by working intensively to pancreas to release insulin, which is the hormone responsible for helping to process glucose and as it exists in the blood, the body is capable to burn fat, in contrast, ingested sugar to be stored as fat in the liver or muscles.

When this process is repeated continuously causing insulin resistance, which is a disorder of the body that eventually will lead to type 2 diabetes.

Instead, the sugars that come from fruits and whole grains are absorbed more slowly due to the high fiber content so that blood glucose levels are more stable and does not require the pancreas and liver exhausting work. Knowing this information allows you to choose more wisely the foods you eat, and thus can prevent overweight and prevent disease.

Remember it is not enough to go to the gym to burn off the excess calories you consumed in a meal, but you must daily seek the best food sources, those that nourish you, they give you energy and will not cause harm to your body in the future.