In the sentimental sphere, some negative situations stress you out at the highest point. It is difficult to find solutions. Here, all three of the most common and most difficult figures:

  1. disputes
  2. Breaking
  3. The fear of commitment

Understand the mechanisms can be of great help …


disputeNot agree on a point, often a detail, and the dispute broke out! And more and more often for some time … Why?
The reason is simple: the ego is affected when your partner refuses to comply with any of your requests (implicit or explicit). Is intrinsically linked to emotions such as frustration and soufrance, the ego highlights and Brings up.
To avoid this, so we have to make this journey:
“I am not satisfied (e) the other>
I show anger … “
Either we stop there and this is the argument, or the journey continue …
“Why am I angry?
Because deep down I suffer.
I realize that the other has nothing to do.
Why this suffering?
Introspection – Response
Instead of pointing the other I told him about the pain> It helps me


breakingA break is always difficult to live because we have the feeling that all this time spent two newly scanned. All habits are questioned. It starts from zero having this feeling of emptiness within oneself and in one’s life.
At the same time, requested by the romantic feelings remained active brain areas, which is why we feel very strongly a lack, as in the case of a lack related to addiction.
A break is akin to a bereavement. So there was that time that can fix everything. During this painful period, it is wiser not to think loop relationship and break (even though that is precisely what will happen at the very beginning), take advantage of this time to discover new activities to trips, outings … With high morale and the will to transcend this painful episode, new encounters venues. And the beginning of a relationship is so nice …


Tcommitmenthe fear of commitment in a relationship is more the domain of men, and the explanation for this is biological, women are destined to become a mother. This fear of commitment comes after some time. We are afraid of what? Naturally, in the wrong person, to fail to agree if we sit together … And fear also, and not least, the failure would bring us back to square one! This fear is also that of the decision, the balance sheets, the discounts questions …
When I was afraid of commitment, he suddenly appears to us that it is not really love the person or it freezes into immobility “it stays like that, that’s fine … “or enters a paranoid process seeking all the reasons that would justify not to engage further in the relationship or it separates the person is satisfied that it is not made ​​for love and focus someone permanently.