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Let’s not kid ourselves – we’re constantly dealing with a number of toxins every day. We are either exposed to them or we consume them in the form of food or drinks. Junk food, packaged food high in chemicals and fats, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks and even produce contain dangerous substances that our bodies combat on a daily basis. One of the functions of our livers is to remove toxins. And even though our bodies have their own way to deal with this matter, they still need our help sometimes.

The liver has to be cleansed from time to time. Doing this helps improve its function and your overall health. But instead of using a special detoxifying diet once every two months or so, why don’t you try eating the right foods every day? Most of them can be found in your fridge. Check how you can help cleanse your liver below.

Limes and lemons

As you know, limes and lemons are rich in vitamin C. You can stimulate your liver by drinking lime or lemon juice in the morning. Just don’t forget that it has to be freshly-squeezed or the effect will not last. This vitamin helps synthesise toxic elements.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Isn’t that what they say? We must agree that apples are a great supplement to every diet. They prevent cataracts, help against cancer, control your weight, boost your immune system and even detoxify your liver. That’s right. Generally, lots of fruits can do the trick as well, but so far apples have turned out to be the easiest and cheapest option. They are high in pectin and therefore are capable of helping the liver clear toxins out of your body.


Not many people are into garlic for one single reason – it has a very strong odour and causes bad breath. It certainly isn’t the best of foods to eat when with other people but when it comes to health benefits, garlic is placed at number one. Just a small amount of garlic can reduce blood pressure, improve bone health and cholesterol, and clear heavy metals out of your body. One of the compounds of garlic is sulphur. It is known for being capable of protecting the body against metal toxicity damage.

Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables

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What makes green vegetables so powerful and healthy is the so called chlorophylls. Since green plants are high in this pigment, they are extremely good at detoxifying your body. They can combat pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals and help clear them out of the body. These are some of the best foods for your liver, as they act as a protective mechanism. What green vegetables are best for detoxification? You can try spinach, dandelion greens, arugula, chicory and bitter gourd. Your liver will be more than happy with your selection of leafy greens.


When it comes to health benefits grapefruit is a miracle. It helps reduce weight, maintain a healthy heart, improve digestion and prevent against stroke. It contains vitamin C, lycopene, potassium, choline and fibre, which make this fruit a great mechanism to fight a number of health problems.

Apart from this, it can also help cleanse the liver. The antioxidants it contains are responsible for increasing the detoxifying properties of the liver. Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice consumed once a day is sufficient to combat toxins and chemicals.

Olive oil

Used in moderation, organic olive oil is a great source of antioxidants. It relives your liver’s work by helping clean some of the toxins out of the body. It is always wiser to use organic cold-pressed oils.

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