Breast implants are increasingly becoming popular these days since bigger breasts have become the hallmark of feminine beauty. It might be exciting but getting breast implants is not an everyday job. It’s not like brushing your teeth on a fine morning and while looking yourself in the mirror you decide “I need those implants”! It’s a tricky business and needs proper attention, research and some homework (along with those extra bucks you’ve been saving for long!). So before you get the job done, here’s what you need to ask yourself, your surgeon, your homies, and even the internet:

How much bothered am I about my current state and why do I want an implant?

This is basic. If you can get away with your present state then don’t get a breast implant. If you just feel like going for an implant out of excitement or social pressure then think again. If, however, you REALLY want it and have a certain notion of self-esteem and beauty, then breast augmentation can be a part of your overall plan.

Do I know enough about the procedure and outcomes?

It’s best to put your research skills to some use before going for breast augmentation. Before taking the final decision, do your homework. Get to know the surgery procedure, time needed for recovery and learn about the possible repercussions. Don’t be shy in digging every available source of information till you are 100% sure about the nitty-gritty of implants.

What is my routine and can I afford a time-off?

Breast augmentation, just like breast reduction requires some time-off from job or housework. Keep an eye on your calendar, know your schedule and then plan for an implant. A break is needed for the rest after the surgery so you need to plan accordingly.

Do my body and health allow me to go for an implant?

A healthy routine and a body are two of the favorable factors for any breast surgery including the augmentation. An unbalanced body with too much fat, inactive routine and a family history of breast related issues clearly don’t approve of an implant. If you are free from such worries, then you’re not a bad candidate for breast augmentation. Exercising and quitting smoking are two good ways to prepare yourself for the surgery you have been dreaming about.

What options do I have for implants?

Decide the extent of breast implantation; shape, size, volume, look and feel. Regardless of these, you have two options for breast augmentation. One is saline and the other is silicon. Most of the surgeries are silicon based. Both have their pros and cons so make sure to seek an expert advice before you jump.

Will the size of my implants be reduced if I lose weight after the surgery?

Mostly, women go for breast augmentation Atlanta to improve their outlook (typically those with smaller breasts). A smaller breast size means low breast fat level which is not likely to get affected by the weight loss after the surgery. It is better to get the desired body shape through weight loss before the implants. You can continue your normal exercise (that doesn’t require a lot of bouncing) after the recovery.

Am I getting it done from the right surgeon?

A qualified professional with the proper knowledge and experience is the most important deciding factor for breast augmentation. You cannot allow any amateur or imposter to “experiment” with your body. If you reside in Atlanta then consulting a board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon with the required expertise is a must. Don’t be afraid to ask them any question that pops up in your head while you are considering them for your surgery.


Getting augmented breast in not a child’s play and should be dealt with extreme care. Cases of breast implant in Atlanta have increased over the years as more women have started to favor breast augmentation. Those who are thinking for the implants should be aware of all the details regarding the surgery so that they can take a smart decision.


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