travelling-with-dogIf you plan to take your dog in some countries in Africa, South America, Asia or Oceania, you should take some preventive measures to avoid catching her serious illness.

External parasites
Taking measures to avoid insect bites will reduce the risk that by ten catches diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks or fleas, such as leishmaniasis, filiariose or intestinal worms.

The most effective method is to use local insecticides that prevent bites and are sold as necklaces, pipette or spray. Note, however, that it is not necessary to travel to exotic countries to consider using these products that are also very useful to us.

Internal parasites
Internal parasites are the most common intestinal worms like round or flat. As many of these worms can also affect humans, it is important to take preventive measures and to provide appropriate treatment. To avoid infestation, it is essential not feed his dog with processed foods, give him water that has satisfactory health guarantees and prevent eating foods collected from the ground.

Infectious Diseases
There are many diseases that can affect dogs that are transmissible to humans. The best known and widely developed in the section “Caring for the dog.”