Fit and Healthy

Proper workout and food intake which helps to stay fit and shape. The food that we had plays a major role. How regularly in the home you worried to cook, and struggle with what food to eat and finally end with ordering food in hotels.

Here are a few simple food items for your healthy fitness

Hummus and Vegetables

Hummus is an Arabic food item. It is a dip made from chickpeas blended with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, garlic, and tahini. The hummus contains protein with help to fight hunger, balance and control the blood sugar level. Add some raw vegetables with this hummus it creates a great impact. It takes 5 minutes to cook, easy and healthy food.


Salsa is the American food that is also a dip, the main ingredient is tomato, made by combining chilies, tomatoes, and beans. It’s a very low-calorie food. Take a bowl, fill the lower layer with hummus and the next layer with salsa and try this recipe. Both combinations give a good taste, salsa contains less calorie and hummus contain rich protein it is a healthy and tasty snack.


Eat any egg contains a recipe. Many people said eating the whitest part is the best, but I prefer to eat the whole part. Egg yolk contains vitamin E it helps to keep you full for a long time and also fat burning. Many recipes are available, so you can easily cook and eat your favorite dish.

Raw Almonds and Butter

Eat raw almonds contain high-quality vitamin E. It also good for your hair and skin. It contains vitamin B2 and magnesium helps to calm nerves and reduce stress. When you are in stress cortisol is released from your body and it leads to weight gain. So almonds and butter which helps to boost the energy level.

Chia seeds

It’s the best snack for weight loss because it contains high calcium and iron, it controls the blood sugar level. Mix the seed with the oatmeal, unsweetened chocolate almonds and also mix with rice similar consistency of rice pudding. It has high fiber content.


Quinoa is a gluten-free grain; you can eat it in a plan or mixed quinoa with vegetables and salad. Bowl of grain with coconut or banana with vanilla its give awesome taste and very healthy food, but the plain kind of quinoa is taste like eating rice. It contains amino acids so it gives complete protein and also stress-busting B vitamins


Sandwiches with fruits or hummus it contains rich protein, your body incorporates the nutrients better. It easily available food where we can make it within 5 minutes it helps to save time.


It is a milk product formed by bacterial fermentation of milk, is also called as yogurt cultures. Yogurt is containing probiotics it helps to reduce the amount of fat absorption in your body. It contains calcium, protein, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

Remember there is an effective way to keep your food fresh and good for your help, is the use of the best model of foodsaver.

Workout tips

A portion of healthy food and a proper workout give an added advantage to your health fitness. Regularly workout properly based on the schedule preferred by your fitness expert. Take proper food before and after your workout.

Few motivational workout tips

1)      Join Friends

2)      Get proper workout tips and schedule from fitness expert

3)      Relax

4)      Buy a treadmill or rent a treadmill

5)      Workout regularly

6)      Eat properly

7)      Achieve your goal

8)      Be happy

This is the easy way to stay fit and healthy within in short period of time. Stay fit and shape within your budget.