Healthy Living

Lose weight, strengthen nails and hair, regulate blood … Team up with herbs will help you feel good inside and out.

For healthy living take advantage of all the benefits of medicinal plants is an ancient technique that gains more followers. They are one hundred percent natural, have no side effects and can take them from children to seniors. Are also available in different presentations: infusion, used when the condition is not too serious, and extracts, in tablets or drops, being more concentrated effect makes it faster and for more severe cases. Even there are some plants that are also presented in flake form, perfect to mix with yogurt, in salads or even alone. Isabel Cabrera, an expert in herbal medicine, define 15 natural solutions to feeling good inside and out.

1. Increase your tan

At this time of year, one of the most popular products is the beta-carotene, an antioxidant that activates the melanin and helps to get a nice tan. This is the precursor of vitamin A, which is excreted in the urine so that when there is an excess of it, nothing happens.

It can be taken in capsules, the amount depends on the concentration of the manufacturer or in juice, one glass a day.

2. Strengthen your hair and your nails

Brewer’s yeast is perfect for those with hair and weak, brittle nails, and that strengthens and gives a much brighter. It can be taken in a tablet (its effect is much faster) or flakes, muesli type. This mode can be put in the salad, as it has a very good taste.

3. Goodbye to Acne of adolescents

Brewer’s yeast is also presented enriched with zinc. This combination is perfect for eliminating acne in adolescents.

4. The best calcium for bones

Sesame calcium whose seeds are sold in bags assimilated ten times longer than that of milk. Perfect for vegetarians who are removed from their diet of cow milk. Also very good for children, who can eat like pipes. It can be taken alone, in salads or bread.

5. The cholesterol at bay

Soy lecithin is recommended from age 40 to control cholesterol. Sold in granules to take by the spoonful or in salads, and in capsules (one a day).

6. Heart problems, control

For cholesterol, arthritis or other heart problems of the best are the Omega-3, 6 and 9, known as essential fatty acids. Also recommended for children with attention deficit disorder. They take oil capsules with the three together.

7. Menstruation without mood swings

Evening primrose oil is perfect for pain and mood swings of menstruation. Moreover, much inside hydrate noticeable effects on the skin. It is sold in capsules and is taken continuously, not only with menstruation.

8. Tackle menopause

The soy isoflavones are recommended for the disorders of menopause. It is also very good for bones and mood swings. Should be taken when starting the disorders before menopause. Taking 80 mg capsules daily. You need a doctor advice for menopause treatment.

9. Seasonal changes without sadness

Bet on royal jelly for seasonal changes in mood swings that come and sadness. It is revitalizing and strengthening the immune system. For children make enriched with vitamin C and rich flavors.

10. Revitalize your day to day

Goji berries, very fashionable, is a dietary supplement that has properties to the blood, such as anemia, and to regulate cholesterol, triglycerides or blood. They work very well as revitalizing. Sold in bags and take 30 to 40 chewed daily with or without water, in salads, which are very good, or yogurt.

11. The best relaxing

Oatmeal is wonderfully relaxing, but also recommended in diets because it is purifying and very good for the body. It is very good for people who cannot tolerate wheat (be intolerant to wheat causes swelling of the stomach).

It is customary to use the oatmeal mixed with milk or yogurt for breakfast.

12.  Bring extra vitamin C

Vitamin C is usually covered with food, so you should make an extra contribution, is a perfect antioxidant and boosts the immune system. We recommend taking one pill a day from September to face the winter.

13. Regulates intestinal transit

Besides laxatives sold in a pharmacy, magnesium carbonate is a great intestinal regulator. They can take both babies and elderly.

14. Removes liquid

This summer commitment herbal infusions, the most natural and easy to debug and remove fluid, which at this time of year the body retains especially swelling.

To remove liquids is recommended horsetail and dandelion, which are sold separately or mixed, a solution that acts faster. In addition, also taken to thin the grass, so called because it helps remove kidney stones, as it is very diuretic.

The infusions are taken three times daily, preferably before meals, because, being an empty stomach, and also makes appetite suppressant effect.

15. Burn Fat

A powerful fat burner is an artichoke, which can be taken in tea or extract in pills. The dose depends on the concentration. According to the manufacturer, you can take one pill a day (the product is more expensive but in the long out better value) or three or four.

The l-carnitine weight loss is recommended whenever you do sports because sugar burns and transforms it into muscle. We recommend taking one a day in vials or pills.

How to prepare an infusion

To make an infusion, take the herbs into the water while boiling, leave five minutes and take it as hot as you can.