Help your dog to lose weight

It may sound incredible, but your pet may be overweight. Even if you think that looks nice canine obesity brings health problems as in humans. You might help your dog to lose weight.

Help your pet to have a long life free of disease with these tips to make it fit.

1. Modify Your Pet’s Diet

The problem when we realize that our pet is overweight is that to us to miss. We say that a problem because it is difficult to know how much you can change the habits of an animal without being cruel. The trick is not to kill your puppy hungry or make it run as a hamster for hours and hours. Start by removing the food “extra” that your pet should not be consuming (such as quesadillas).

Feed him only kibble though at first did not like. If you’re accustomed to human food might need to mix some of this with their food, but unless the vet recommends otherwise, slowly modifies the diet of your pet until you can eat only kibble.

As humans, it is easier for them to lose weight if you eat pure protein, but if you’ll give you leftover fat from meat and chicken breast, better stick with the kibble.

2. Portion Control

The kibble bag usually has instructions on how much and how often you feed your pet. Stick to what is recommended by vets and see a gradual change in the weight of your dog. While your puppy bother for a while, you need to not feed him more. The change must be gradual (if you are used to eat 4 times a day you cannot suddenly take two), but do not take more than two weeks to reach the goal.

3. Exercise

People who exercise with their pets are more constant, probably because once the dog gets used to not let you go to sleep until you take it out for a walk. Start with short walks and slowly increase the time for your exercise partner is not over tired.

It is important that your dog has some kind of physical activity, so do not let this side of take him out especially if you live in a small apartment. However, do not assume that having garden means that you exercise your dog alone. Especially if your toddler is overweight it is necessary that you make sure you are exercising him out for a walk.

4. Twice a Day

Many dog ​​owners say their pets should eat only once a day, but parted ration in two is better for digestion. Feed it every twelve hours, but do not give him food twice. Serve less but more often.

5. Take off the Plate

Do not let your dog eat when bored, hungry to feed get used. Serve food and remove it after half an hour.

Remember that the health of your dog depends entirely on you and do not hesitate to go to the vet if you consider it necessary or if you do not see a change in your weight.