disposable electronic cigaretteUndoubtedly smoking is a bad habit as it causes numerous health problems and even leads to the death of a person. Not only smokers but others around them also suffer from various diseases due to inhalation of the smoke which comes out as a result of smoking by the active smokers. So there are two types of smokers- active smokers and the passive smokers or secondary smokers. To deal with such issues and to save secondary smokers from falling prey to getting dangerous health diseases, scientists did a lot of research and finally invented electronic cigarettes. The chief benefit of electronic cigarettes lies in the fact that these are smoke-free and hence quite safe to use. Unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes, disposable electronic cigarettes operate on batteries and the cartomizers used in these cigarettes can be refilled as per requirement. The invention of electronic cigarettes has proved to be a source of relief for those who don’t like the bad smell of smoke, tobacco, tar and other harmful chemicals contained in a tobacco cigarette. These electronic cigarettes protect people other than smokers from becoming secondary smokers to a great extent in many ways.

The absence of smoke in electronic cigarettes- In the electronic cigarettes, a liquid juice is used which gets converted into gaseous form upon activation of the battery. This gas is inhaled by the active smoker by puffing the cigarette and hence no smoke is discharged into the atmosphere. The absence of smoke makes other people around the smoker safe from the hazards of puffing the cigarette because they don’t have to breathe in the air polluted by the smoke coming out of cigarettes.

The absence of foul smell- Another way by which people around the smoker get affected negatively is the foul smell of the tobacco cigarette. It is due to burning of tar and harmful chemicals present in the traditional tobacco cigarette. Since there is no tar or harmful chemicals present in the electronic cigarette, therefore no bad smell is produced upon their activation. Some people get addicted to smoking only because of the smell produced by its burning. As no tar and the relevant smell is present in the electronic cigarette, hence it saves non-smokers from becoming secondary smokers.

Use of flavored liquids in Electronic cigarettes- Some people who are non-smokers get attracted towards active smoking due to the presence of tobacco in the traditional e-cigs. Tobacco produces a distinct smell which may appeal to some people and they may also start smoking to enjoy this flavor. On the contrary, flavored juices are used in a disposable electronic cigarette. Therefore a person who comes in contact with a regular electronic cigarette user will be able to smell these flavors from his mouth other than tobacco. These flavors such as apple, strawberry, mint etc. hardly induce others towards smoking.

So we have seen that disposable electronic cigarettes have many advantages over the conventional tobacco cigarettes for the active smoker as well as those around him. It is true that once a person becomes addicted to smoking, he can’t quit it completely or instantaneously. But he can save others around him from various health hazards by opting for the disposable electronic cigarettes which are quite safe to use publicly. For more information visit here: http://www.nicolitesonline.co.uk/shop/Disposable-Electronic-Cigarette