HCG Diet Drops are made by using a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is found the bodies of pregnant women, that helps in weight loss by shedding or burning fat from those areas of the body where it should not be. HCG diet drops are very effective and ensures that the metabolic rate is consistent and the body starts shedding fat properly. Everyone wishes for a slim and perfect body, but it is not easy to maintain a trimmed figure. Now-a-days, one can find many fast food joints that serve tasty meals and restraining oneself from these mouth-watering treats is a tough task. As people have started consuming more and more fast foods, the rate of obesity has risen immensely. Therefore, HCG diet drops have proved to be a safe and effective way to lose weight within a short span of time. Many people across the globe have tried HCG diet drops and are very happy with the outcome. However, in order to lose weight and gain a perfectly trimmed body, one needs to follow the HCG diet.

It starts with consuming a lot of food for the first two days. This is known as the loading phase as the extra food which is consumed will provide energy to the body for the rest of the plan. After the loading phase, the intake of food is reduced to five hundred calories per day. This is continued for the next twenty one days or so, and is known as the very-low-calorie-diet or VLCD phase. Finally, the intake of food is increased to eight hundred calories per day for another twenty one days; and if the individual is satisfied with the result then he/she stop the process. People who have experienced the results of the HCG diet drops have reported that they were successful in losing weight and gaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons due to which the HCG diet drops have become a big success. It is seen that the HCG diet drops burns up to one pound of fat per day. An individual does not have to take injections for HCG diet drops; the drops are simply placed under a person’s tongue, thus making it safe. A tough exercise regime is not required as HCG metabolizes fat into nutrients, thus leading to weight loss. Therefore, HCG diet drops are proved to be quite effective for both men as well as women. This info graphic describes how HCG Diet Drops helps in reducing the weight. Includes information about visceral & subcutaneous fat storage, Dr.Simeons research on HCG Weight Loss, How hypothalamus controls body temperature, sleep, thirst, fatigue, hunger and fat storage.

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