Immediately after the accident, it is possible to know the state in which the dog is by doing some checking. A method for assessing the damages to the dog is to know the rhythm of your breath watching his chest. It is common that this rate is faster than normal (20 to 30 breaths per minute) due to fright. If you notice that inspiration is short and forced expiration the diaphragm may be damaged. To measure the pulse of the dogs have to focus on the hind limbs, chest pressing firmly behind the shoulder, to feel the heartbeat of the animal. The normal heart rate of a large dog per minute is 50 to 90, while smaller breeds can reach 150 beats per minute.

Rugged dog care. – Once you have taken the dog to the vet and he healed their wounds, you need to keep a few precautions so that they do not worsen. Too often put on the wounds of dogs bandages to prevent the spread and absorb the flows, as well as being the best way to prevent the animal from licking and scratching the wound area. One must be careful when changing dressings or bandaging, cleaning and disinfecting the wound always previously iodine or antiseptic. In addition, the animal must be monitored continuously, and that his intention is to get rid of the band. When wounds are in the queue must immobilize the dog try to avoid collisions thereof.

Most common accidents. – A dog can lifting injury in multiple ways, but the fact is that some cases are the most common. Therefore, there are situations where it is to take precautions in order to avoid unwanted situations. Thus, they often suffer flushing dogs indoors and warm, like a car. It consists of a quick and labored breathing before which must immediately reduce body temperature ,i.e by application of cool water.

In the event that the accident occurred due to impact, the most common is that the dog present shallow breathing, have bright eyes and dilated pupils. If it is cold, you have to cover the dog to warm up to the veterinary center where, probably, have to administer blood.

Finally, it is common for dogs to suffer poisoning from eating unsuitable products. If you know what was the source of the poison should read the indications on the product container. It is also advisable to induce vomiting and immediately call the animal to a veterinary expert able to detoxify the dog.