All the driving: Is now the time to hit driver school? You turned 16, and now is the time to learn to drive.

Part of being a teenager is growing up and accepting responsibilities, and one of them is learning how to drive.

A lot of driving schools offer classes concerning not just driving but road safety and etiquette as well.

However, it might be a good idea to start your lessons beforehand, to get a head start, and to build up confidence for your first take at the wheel.

Just remember you are responsible for more than just one life on the road.

Teenager driver

You want to learn, but who will teach you?

Your parents, your neighbors, and your friends were all baby drivers as well, so feel free to ask them to recommend a good instructor.

But remember, everyone, learns at a different pace, so do not be discouraged if you cannot master the art of driving on your first try. Better safe than sorry. After you have chosen a reliable school and an instructor you feel most comfortable with, it is time to put the pedal to the metal.

The instructor will walk you through the basics and more advanced skills required to be a good driver, and usually, 40 hours of driving is the recommended average.

However, whenever you can sneak in a few private lessons with your parents, go right ahead, just be careful to always drive safely.

A safe driver means safe roads

Safety is your number one priority whenever you take the wheel. Every driving school will drill this one sentence into the back of your skull.

And with good reason, driving takes a lot of skill and you can never be safe enough.

Of course, you can learn a lot by observing your parents when they drive you around, and just pay attention to how they behave on the road.

Remember how they always tell you to put on the seatbelt or to look left and right whenever at a crossing?

The smallest of precautions can end up saving your life one day, that is why you must always pay attention to what your instructor is telling you to do. A small mistake can cause a lot of trouble.

You got your license but are you ready?

Getting your driver’s license is the easy part because you always have your instructor by your side to help you out. The real test begins when you start to drive on your own.

Before turning 18 and replacing your learner’s driver’s license you have a probationary phase, usually lasting no more than 2 years.

During this time you have to drive with someone who is older than 21 and has had a driver’s license for more than 3 years, with the purpose to prepare you for the real deal.

Just like when baby birds leave their nests, you have to be fully ready and prepared to drive on your own. There is no room for errors and self-doubt.

Give yourself enough time to fully understand and respect the road and your fellow drivers.

Remember kids, safety first, and buckle up.

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