senior-dogMost dog owners, and pets in general consider them family members. Like us, dogs get older and go through different stages of life during which he must be careful. This is especially true when the dog begins to age, which usually occurs around the age of 7. Here are some tips to help you support your aging dog daily.

– Be alert to changes. In older dogs become very routine. They are creatures of habit and are fairly predictable. A change in behavior or habits may be a sign that we should not take lightly. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian to talk with him.

– A dog is aging faster than a human being. It is therefore important to start early to be followed by a veterinarian. Consultation every 6 months seems a reasonable pace. These will include regular reviews to detect potential health problems and take charge earlier before they become serious. This should not prevent you to consult your veterinarian as its reporting period if a change you alert.

– Customize your home and your equipment. With age, some movements become more difficult for your dog, they become less agile for example. Some have the habit of sleeping on a couch or even on your bed. When they are young and healthy, they have no difficulty up or down a furniture but with age, it becomes more complicated and even dangerous. The same goes for the car in which they were the first to jump when they are young to go ride. So take care to avoid anything that might be asking too much effort your dog and bring him solutions so they can keep their valuable habits, even the develop differently. So install a small walk before your couch, wear your dog out of the car … You can also give him a comfortable cushion on which he will sleep at the foot of your bed.

Aging is a test for an animal and unfortunately not a lot of ways to communicate discomfort. So be very attentive to all the little signs that betray his age and you will share fully “retired” with him.