Confidence is the key factor that enhances the appreciation of our own worth, is all criteria that constitute self-esteem. Or just nothing obvious. Between our inner doubts and outer attitude that we won against the other, we have to deal to build or rebuild a positive image of ourselves.

To improve your self-esteem: three areas to be worked

1) Self-Analysis
It is necessary to get to know, become aware of its capabilities, limitations and accept them. There are two particular types of reactions that threaten self-esteem.
The first is that self-defense is to deny block our emotions, which would update, supposedly, some ‘weaknesses’ or certain requirements. Thus, we prefer to deny a phobia, repress anger or disappointment, to avoid undermining their self-esteem. We hide from others and one such emotion to protect them. Submission to the event is also a way to spare in case of failure: ‘this is how’, ‘anyway it’s impossible’, ‘it does not matter.’ It does not improve self-esteem by hiding or denying things, actions or events. Such attitudes must be worked, limited and eliminated.

2) Need the action
The action strengthens self-esteem. Carry out small projects can contribute to it. Become an expert in a specialized field improves both the sense of personal competence and recognition of others, which simultaneously enhances self-esteem. It is also necessary to take action, that is to say succeed in silencing the inner critic, that little voice in us that finds flaws in every action and in every project. For this it is necessary to accept the idea of ​​failing. Everyone is faced with failure, which is always rewarding because they contribute to any future success. Besides, most of the outcomes are never either all white or all black. Failing something perfectly is not necessarily a failure.
People with low self-esteem are often perfectionists and demanding for themselves. It is very important to accept not being perfect.

3) Compared to other
The feeling of being loved, helped and surrounded feeds directly esteem. That is why it is necessary to cultivate relationships with others and be open to others. You have to train to be assertive, to express what we feel and think. To do this, we must also seek to put in place of the other. Friends are there to support us.

Finally, if self-esteem just to improve, one can also think to consider psychotherapy. When the situation is difficult, consulting a professional can be extremely beneficial. Do not overlook this track.