People with low self-esteem are not evaluated clearly. Attach too much importance to their limitations and very little to his qualities. As compared this with that of others, always feel inferior and imperfect. To get to raise their self-esteem should break the distorted image and self-evaluate accurately. To do this we will explain a number of steps:

Taking stock of our self: must write as many words or phrases to describe in the following areas:

  • Physical Appearance
  • Relationship with others
  • Personality
  • How do you think others see you
  • Performance
  • Mental functioning
  • Sexuality

Once you have made all the list marked with a + positive words or phrases (representing qualities) and a – negative (that would be your limitations). If most are positive and negative signs are concentrated in one or two areas, it means you have good self-esteem, but there are areas you need to improve. If you have many negatives in many areas, you will have to work hard to improve your self-esteem.

 Draw up a list of weaknesses: Make two columns on paper. In the first type all you targeted negative ratings in the above list. Try to those weaknesses are precisely defined and specific than pejorative. That is, instead of writing “I’m useless at math’s,” he writes, “I have difficulty understanding math problems in this course.” If any of these weaknesses are exceptions, apuntalas too. In the above example, you could put “But I give good statistical exercises”

List qualities: In the right column will target all the positive qualities we noted in the first list. Then think of the people who have loved or admired most in our lives and, in another paper, we will target the qualities that we appreciated in those people. Compare the two lists and you will realize that you have many of the qualities you admire in others.

Self precise: With all this data, make a new description of yourself in which you recognize all your qualities and where your weaknesses are described specifically and not offensive. This list will have material for your self-esteem to find that you also have admirable qualities and you can confront the process of changing your weaknesses, as they are described in an objective and realistic.