Do 11 algebra problems. Conjugate verbs on page 50 of your textbook. Read 9 pages of a Shakespeare play, and when you’ve done everything, do not forget to complete the missing chemical symbols in the exercise of the periodic table of elements. Uff!

It seems the list of duties for the next few days or maybe a single day? Homework is an essential part of the studies: the way they evaluate your teachers what you understand about what they are teaching in their classes and homework help further consolidate important concepts.

Become a plan to do homework
Luckily, you can do some things to duties not get much work.

First, make sure you understand what you have to do. Write it down in your notebook, diary or organizer of activities if you feel it necessary, and do not be afraid to ask questions about what your teacher expects. It is much easier to take a minute to talk to the teacher during class or after you finish embarrassed afternoon while trying to clear your head! If you feel it necessary, you can also ask the teacher about how long the task should take to better organize poderte time.

Second, it uses the entire study time possible in your learning center for homework. Many schools have hours and study rooms designed specifically for students to study and do their homework. It’s tempting to spend their free time or unstructured to be with your friends but the more work you do in your training center, you will be less duties for the evening.

Third, get organized. If you do not finish your homework in learning center, think of how much you have left to do and what other activities you have scheduled for that day, and quality  good time. Most high school students have between one and three hours of homework each day. If you are in a day when you have many duties and tasks have in every subject except gym, you’ll have to spend more time on homework. You would do well to have a scheduled time for homework, especially if you participate in extracurricular activities, sports or other or work after school.
Look at where you do your homework
When do you usually study or do homework, which location you choose? Doing your homework sprawled in front of the TV? In the kitchen, accompanied by the background noise of dishes and fights with your brothers?

These places perhaps you were good when you were little and did not require homework so much skill and concentration. But now you’ve grown, so a bedroom, an office or a room where you can get away from the noise and distractions is the best place to do homework. But do not ever stretch in your comfortable bed, choose a desk or table where you can place the computer and papers and is comfortable to work. No need to be very big, just enough so you can put your things.

Get down to work
When you start your homework, first make complex tasks. It is tempting to start with the easiest to get it over with, but you’ll have more energy and you concentrate better at first, so it is better to use such mental powers to take on things you pose greater challenges. Later, when you’re more tired, you can devote yourself to the simplest tasks.

If you get stuck on a problem, try to solve it in the best way possible, but do not obsess or you spend too long because it might desorganizarte all hours of homework in the afternoon. If necessary, seek help from an adult or older sibling, or call or write an email to a classmate for advice. But do not call someone you could spend a long time talking and never get to finish your homework!
Take breaks

The attention span of most people is quite limited and the time during which attention can be maintained is not very long, so do some pauses while doing homework. Too much sitting without stretching or relaxing the legs will become less productive if you’re stopping from time to time. Make a 15 minute break every hour is adequate for most people. (But if at that moment you really concentrate, wait until you think it’s a good time to pause.)

When concluyas homework, check them out if you have time. Be sure to put the duties in a safe, keeping them in your bag, there’s nothing worse than finishing your homework and find out the next morning or you spoil the neglect of a sibling. (And no teacher who believes “you have broken the bites dog”, although it is true!) When you finish your homework, you will be free to have fun.

Ask for help when you need it
Sometimes, even though you attend class, you study for exams and do your homework; there will be certain subjects that you seem too complicated. Although you may have the hope that things will go becoming increasingly simple or that the explanation of the theorems of geometry you will be presented in dreams, as if by magic, usually not the case.

What I do often occur in many people is that however hard they work, it is increasingly being left behind. This, naturally, leads them to hate the subject and everything related to it. If you need additional help, the most important is that you know that there is nothing unusual or be ashamed. No one should be expected to understand the principles, since people have different learning styles.

The first person who can ask for help is your teacher. It is possible that this can work with you before or after school and explain things more clearly. But what if you do not feel comfortable or just do not fit with your teacher? If you go to a teaching center big enough, you might have more teachers of the same subject. Talk to your school counselor or directly with another teacher and maybe get lucky. Sometimes you just need a new person you explain something differently.

It is also possible that another student can help you. If there is someone you get along that is good at studies, consider asking if you can study together. This can be of great help because they hear the information from the perspective of a classmate. Anyway, keep in mind that this strategy may not supply good results. There are many people understand things perfectly but does not know how to explain.

Another way to get help is to go to a tutor, either after class ends are week or in the evenings. Need to talk to an adult about this topic because hiring tutor costs money. Sometimes tutors are moved to the home of his students, but there are also sites where you can find tutors. A tutor may have extensive knowledge in many different subjects or specializing in a specific document. Tutors work individually or “one to one”, helping to revise and elaborate more on the topics covered in class. The advantage of having a tutor is giving you the opportunity to ask questions directly and to work at your own pace.

If you are interested in hiring a tutor, see Internet, the yellow pages or the phone book or ask for a recommendation to a teacher or a friend or classmate tutor available. And, if you live in or near a city that has college, you may find tutors who study there. Often college students are tutors high school students in their areas of expertise to help pay the college.