How to Manage StressIn today’s busy world where we must always be aware to not fall behind and where we should be always active to remain competitive, stress becomes part of our lives. Therefore, we should learn how to manage stress in our lives.

Too much stress can be detrimental to our productivity and our physical and mental health, however, when present at a reasonable level, stress gives us energy and momentum to address the problems and achieve our goals.

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Therefore, we should not try to eliminate stress completely from our lives (though they could not do if we wanted to), but we must learn to manage stress or control stress so that we can take advantage of it rather than hurt us.

Let’s look at some ways how to manage stress or control stress:

1 – Breathe deeply

Perform a deep breath helps us fight stress every time it arises, but to keep it under control we must learn to breathe deeply permanently.

A correct and deep breathing involves inhaling deeply through your nose, filling the air not only the top of the lungs (which makes inflating the chest) but also the middle and bottom of these (inflating the abdomen), hold your breath for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly.

2 – Be positive

Another way to manage stress is to be positive about the situations that generate stress, for example, before a small setback in our business should not get to think that we will go wrong, but that whatever happens, we will move forward.

Or, in any case, put us in the worst case scenario, see the positive side of things, and think that if for some reason we fail to our business, our mistake or failure will help us to learn and grow, or you could end up offering new and better opportunities.

3 – Act

Another way to manage stress is to stop wasting time and energy continue to worry or complain about something, stop keep giving more turns to the matter, take charge of the situation or problem, and act.

Whether confirm if our suspicions are correct, make that call, or face to that person, acting, stop thinking about what worries us, diminish our sense of vulnerability, and get a sense of control.

4 – Accept

When there is nothing we can do to remedy a situation or solve a problem, we have to do is accept things as they are and wait quietly the end result, or let them go and try to forget about it.

Can you let go of the worry or regret it difficult, but when something is out of our control and there is nothing (or nothing more) we can do, it’s no use worrying or lamenting follow.

5- Reduce the load

A common cause of stress is too much we do or things we have to do so that another effective way to manage stress is to reduce the burden and try to do fewer things than usual.

For example, we could stop doing things that do not help us to meet our objectives (e.g. daily stop reading a magazine that tells us nothing), setting priorities, not try to do everything but to delegate roles and responsibilities, etc.

6 – Organize

Being organized with our stuff, for example, have organized our desk, in order to have our files, or to leave it always in the same place, we avoid wasting time when you find them, we avoid having to worry about them, and we avoid the risk that they might lose.

But also, be organized with our lives, for example, to set goals, to set priorities, to make lists of tasks to be performed, using reminders, using an agenda, or budgeting gives us the feeling of being in control of our lives.

7 – Taking a break

Another way to control it is stress takes a break, which could be to take a vacation, go on a trip this weekend, take a day off, take a short walk, talk briefly with other persons, browse the internet for a while, or just stand and stretch.

Whether for a few weeks, days, hours or minutes, take a break in our daily activities, it helps relieve tension within us and clear your mind from worry.

8 – Connecting with others

Connecting with other people, either by telling our problems or concerns, engaging in activities with them, to share and discuss ideas, News, and events, or just to speaks also helps fight stress.

Connecting with others reduces our sense of vulnerability, helps to release the burden of our problems to feel heard, helps us corroborate the validity of our concerns, we can take encouragement from others and makes life more bearable.

9 – Exercise

Finally, another way to manage stress in our lives is through exercise, which allows us to release tension caused by stress, helps to clear your mind of worries, and provides a sense of well-being.

Ideally, the habit of exercising regularly, which could include playing sports, jogging, swimming or cycling, although go for a walk, climb stairs or even stand and stretch the body, it can also help.