dog-sick-for-halloweenDid you know that the Halloween party can be dangerous for your dog? are obviously involved sweets and chocolates distributed to other children for the occasion. “a good or Treat” could turn into “a candy and a visit to the vet” if you do not follow some basic rules.

Leave no candy and chocolates even less accessible to your dog!

Chocolate, and cannot be repeated enough, is a poisonous food for dogs because it contains both forms of methylxanthine, theobromine and caffeine. These substances, in high doses, can cause serious health problems in dogs. In most cases, and if not treated in time, lead to his death. A chocolate poisoning can also be very expensive because you will have to consult a veterinarian who, in the most severe cases will hospitalize your pet and make him undergo gastric lavage as well as injections.

So if you decide to take your dog to accompany your children to your neighbors to extort some sweets, be vigilant and make sure he does not eat accidentally treats.