dog's-paws-image1The winter cold can be particularly harmful to our pets. Just like us, they become vulnerable when conditions are harsh, especially their legs, which are in direct contact with the frozen ground. However, there are several solutions to protect them.

Firstly, the main risk to the dog is the formation of ice between his pads. This occurs more frequently in some breeds than others. The presence of salt on sidewalks and roads is also not significant for them.

To protect, there are several solutions more or less effective and certainly not always easy to adopt your pet. You will also find products available in pharmacies or on the Internet, to protect dog’s pads by applying a balm or spray. Applied directly to the pads of your dogs, these products will prevent ice from forming and moisturize your dog’s paws.

You can also opt for plastic sleeves adapted to the size of your dog. Easily bearable by the dog, they protect from the cold and allow it to maintain its grip on the ground.

dog's-paws-image2And for the more adventurous or addicted to fashion, there are shoes for dogs. This is the best protection, but they are difficult to wear a dog. It will be patient until your companion out of the house with shoes on legs. In this case prefer shoes with velcro, easy to close. Start by getting acquainted with her new shoes by asking beside his cart, for example. In a second step, and sometimes for a few weeks, you make him wear shoes inside the house one by one until reaching him keep 4. Do not hesitate to reward each time, and it will involve wearing shoes with a fun time. When your partner agrees to wear shoes inside 4, there will be no problem to go out and brave the cold.