sick-cat-syptomsCats, when they are sick, behave quite surprising. No crying, no screaming, no look shot …

On the contrary, a sick cat is doing everything possible to hide his condition.

This is a survival instinct: a cat in poor health, in nature, would be an easy prey for a predator.

Only it is your duty to recognize the disease your cat, so you must be vigilant.

Here are 9 symptoms that tell you that your cat may be sick:

1- Cat loss of appetite

A cat who eats less, drink less which is usually a cat coming down with something. Loss of appetite in cats may be related to a host of health problems, dental problems, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, osteoarthritis, or even cancer. If instead he drinks more water than usual, it may be kidney disease. If your cat suffers from osteoarthritis, Hills Prescription Diet brand has developed special cat kibble for osteoarthritis.

2- The cat sleeps more than before

Although sleeps up to 16 hours a day, the cat is more naps he has deep sleep.

If you notice that your cat sleeps deeper, longer, it may be that it hides a concern.

3- The cat is no longer in his litter

If your cat is clean, defecate outside the litter does not displease you.

It may very well be suffering from a behavioral disorder such as anxiety and stress.

It might also have a disease of the urinary system or the digestive system. There are therapeutic foods for cats that help minimize the risk of diseases of the urinary tract.

4- The cat loses weight

The cat may lose weight because he has lost his appetite. But if he has diabetes or hyperthyroidism, can lose weight while eating more.

5- The cat has less activity

A cat who plays less, which is less alert and sleeping more may suffer from a chronic disease or simply a physical pain. A cat that is more energetic instead overnight may suffer from hyperthyroidism. If your cat is just a little “rusty”, an animal toy is the perfect way to make him regain his vitality!

6- The cat is less sociable

If your cat usually outgoing and friendly with you the other becomes fearful or anxious this can be a sign of disease. So be careful if you avoid gradually refuses contact with you.
The cat grooms more

 7- Cats are unique in nature.

If you notice that his coat is dull, greasy and you suspect less grooming is that it may be suffering from an illness or stress.
In some cases it is the excessive weight that prevents groom. In contrast, the cat who has toilet too can be an allergy or a skin disease.

If your cat has allergies, give specific foods “cat allergy.”

8- The cat has bad breath

A cat who has bad breath may be a surplus of tartar. The scale may be responsible for periodontal disease and oral infections that cause bad breath.

Bad breath can also be caused by a disease such as diabetes or kidney failure. There are specific foods for cats with tartar or dental condition.

9- The cat meows more

Many health problems such as hyperthyroidism, hypertension, stress and anxiety, senility or pain can bring the cat to meow more than reason.