Renovate your Home

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Renovating and improving your home is usually done in spring or summer when people have some spare time and decide they want new floors, windows, walls, furniture, and so on.

To save the most time and money you need to have a detailed plan of what you are going to do.

A plan is necessary even if you are leaving all the hard work to hired professionals. This is the only way you will know what to expect when all the home improvements are over.

There are a lot of things to do. Old unusable bathrooms need a completely new plumbing system, rotting floors need to be replaced with new ones, walls need to be repainted or covered with fresh wallpaper, and so on. But don’t just do things randomly, you need to put the task in a specific order.

First, check the floors, then the electric and plumbing systems, radiators, and other heaters, and finally, windows, doors, and new wallpaper or paint.

You may also find yourself needing a way to dispose of all the rubble in an orderly way, offer a great range of skips or redbox+ residential dumpster rentals which can help make your renovation that much easier.

Electricity and Plumbing

Changing your electric installations includes getting new cables, in-wall installations, and finally, sockets and plugs. The job isn’t simple, it’s going to take four or five days so that’s why it would be wise to finish it before other improvements.

Changing your plumbing system happens in the bathroom and the kitchen. This work includes the replacement of steel pipes in walls with plastic ones. This is the best way to prevent the bursting of old pipes and water leakage through walls.

Such complications would not only harm you but your neighbors as well, so make sure you have that covered.

The replacement of pipes is charged per square meter and usually goes around 150 to 200 dollars, and the work takes 2 days to be complete.

Replacing your entire plumbing system also includes sewage pipes which would cost you another 50 to 100 dollars, but the price depends on whether you are installing a shower cabin or a tub, the type of bars being replaced, and other factors.


Now that you finished all the electricity and plumbing renovations, it’s time to move on to the bathroom.

Taking down the tiles and replacing them with new ones will take about a day. It’s not a very difficult task but be prepared for a lot of noise and dust.

The next step is installing wall insulation. This will ensure that your walls stay nice and dry, with no amount of moisture, also giving the sanitary elements longer durability.

There are two ways to improve the tiles on your bathroom floor and walls. One way is to take the old ones off completely and replace them with ones. The other way is to leave the old ones where they are and glue the new ones over.

If you’re looking for a swift and efficient system that will deliver warm water into your home, then you need to check the online reviews about the tankless water heater.

Windows and Doors

One way to improve old windows and doors is by replacing them with new ones. Companies such as SM sashes can help you to sort out your windows and have them look amazing.

But if that sounds like too much work you can always make them look better with some lacquer. It will also improve insulation and resistance. The whole process isn’t too difficult if you follow these steps – First, get some sandpaper and thoroughly go over the wood.

Then repaint the windows and doors in their original color, or a new one if you prefer. The final stage is applying at least two layers of lacquer. If you wish, you can get new entrance doors as well.

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